New domain came and went


I registered a new domain this morning “”. I was able to immediately access the domain via ftp and the web. A few hours later - I couldn’t get to it anymore. What gives?

I’m getting bothersome results from DNSStuff including time outs and endless loops

Any thoughts?


It usually takes between 24 and 72 hours for a domain to fully propagate around the web. During that time, access to the domain will be rather sporadic.

Simon Jessey
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Understood, it just confuses me as to why it was working right at the beginning.


Sometimes it just happens that way. Routing tables disagree with each other, and DNS settings wobble back and forth for a bit until everything agrees.

It’s a bit like Pizza Hut. The first time I went there, the crust on my pizza was wonderful. All subsequent visits have been disappointing. Even worse, they serve Pisspee instead of Coke!

Okay. It isn’t like Pizza Hut at all.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog


I’m experiencing the same thing with :frowning:


Does anyone know a temp fix?
Maybe setting the ip address in my hosts file? (Mac OS X, UNIX based)


It’s all fine now…

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