New directory

I messed up installing wordpress so I deleted it and tried to reinstall. However, I got a message saying that the directory was not empty. I saw some files under “log” but I could not delete them as permission was denied. How do I fix this? I read some other posts and everybody said something about a .htaccess file. I don’t see this. I am not using an ftp client just windows xp under my network places. The error message said that I could also make a new directory but I am not sure how to do this either. I am totally new at this. If you can give me any help that would be greatly appreciated.

Files that begin with a period (like the .htaccess file) are not shown using XP or normal FTP sessions. There’s a specific option to “show hidden files” in most FTP programs (and in the Tools|Options dialog in XP).
I highly recommend you start using some kind of FTP tool, not just Windows XP. If you are going to be a webmaster then some basic “webmaster tools” are in order.

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I went under tools and set “show hidden files,” but I don’t see anything that ends in .htaccess. There are files that say access.log with various dates after them, but nothing called .htaccess.

If those log files are still in the directory you’re trying to delete, you need to get rid of those first before you worry about whether you have .htaccess files lying around.

Are you running PHP as a CGI or under Apache? This is a checkbox option in your Domain HTTP details. I’m guessing that your problem is that you have PHP running under Apache (the non-recommended option…), so those log files belong to the Apache user instead of your user.

If you know how, you can write a short PHP script that will delete the files (don’t change the CGI option until after you’ve done this) – if you don’t know how to do this, ask support to help you out deleting those files. And before you install again, change that “run PHP as CGI” setting.

Finally, you definitely need a standard FTP client. Something like FileZilla would work fine, and would make it much easier for you to see which user owns those files you can’t delete, the hidden files, etc… Plus then you can use SFTP (Secure FTP) so that your password isn’t going over the network in plain text where anyone can grab it. Yes, it’s nice to be able use an FTP folder as is if were just any old folder on your PC… but as soon as anything goes wrong, you’ll have a much easier time using a tool that actually understands that you’re accessing files on a Linux server.

Apparently the support people found the .htaccess file. I’m glad they fixed it because I would have screwed it up for sure if I started playing around with things. I also set up filezilla and it seems to work fine. Thanks for your help!