New Directories/Uploading Webpages?


I need help creating new directories that will allow me to upload webpages into those directories. I have too many webpages to put into just one directory.

I’ve already created new directories, and then tried uploading webpages into those directories, which worked, but none of those webpages were visible on the Internet.

When I upload the webpages into my main directory, the webpages work fine on the Internet. What am I doing wrong? Help!! Thanks.

– vja4Him


Where have you created the additional directories? Just make sure to create the directories in the ‘web accessible’ area:
/home/username/domainname/(create your directory here at this level)
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Directory names are case sensitive, so if you create a directory with a any capatol characters, they must also be included in your link.


I created a new directory in the main directory, “

I’ve created many directories for images, and those are working fine. But when I create a new directory for a new webpage, the webpage loads, but will not appear on the Internet. An error messages says the page is not available or something like that.

As soon as I move the webpage to the main directory, the webpage shows up just fine. I’ve been naming my webpages and images with all lowercase.

In the meantime, the list of files in the main directory continues to grow longer … I’d like to start putting those files into different directories, but I can’t figure out what to do? Any ideas? Thanks.

– vja4Him


You may not have pointed your browser to the right location to view the page.

Ok, so you have uploaded a web page (example.html) to a subdirectory (example) in your web area (

To access the page (example.html) with a browser, you will need to point the browser to:

As already pointed out by Silk, directory names and file names are case sensitive.

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I have already inserted the correct links to my webpages, which are working just fine. The problem is that my webpages don’t work when I place them into a new directory.

When I place my webpages into the main directory, they work! Why can’t I get my webpages to work when I upload them into new directories?

What am I doing wrong? Can somebody please walk me through the process step by step? Thanks.

– vja4Him


When accessing via ftp, you will find multiple folders including one that has your domain name. All webpages must be in this folder for them to be accessable.
In that folder create an additional directory for our example we will use so in our ficticious domain, loging into your account you will find a folder called in that folder we will create a folder called subdirectory. Now if we use a browser and point it at we will see a index directory with a subdirectory called subdirectory. So people do not see that index, we create a main web page called index.html.
In the main page we create a link that points to that subdirectory. Like so

<a href=""text describing the subdirectory</a> Hope this helps


I’m still having problems uploading webpages to new directories. The pages load just fine, but they don’t show up on the Internet. What am I doing wrong? Here is what I’ve done so far:

At the Directory Tree: root/ – I created three new directories:

  1. vjaed
  2. vjafamhist
  3. vjatravel

I tried uploading webpages to several of those directories, they showed up! Wow! Cool … but, when I deleted the old pages from the main directory “” the webpage no longer showed up.

So, I uploaded the webpage to the new directory again, but the error messages said that it couldn’t find that webpage. Strange …

Did I create the new directories in the wrong place? Is there another step that I’m missing somewhere? When I create a new directory, I click on that directory, which takes me to to a webpage showing which files are in that directory. I tried clicking on the “Upload” button, then uploaded the webpages, but those pages still are not showing up on the Internet.

What am I still doing wrong? Thanks.

– vja4Him


I’ve been experimenting with creating new directories and even sub-directories, but cannot get any webpages to load at all!

The way that I can get my webpages to load, is when I upload them into the main directory –

Hmmm … what exactly should I do to fix this problem? Thanks!

– vja4Him


Make sure that you create any sub-directories within your web root folder. So you need to make sure that you start at the folder and create all of your folders in that folder. When you create your web-pages make sure they have an .html (.htm) or .php suffix at the very least.

To view your sub-folder web pages in a browser you will of course need to include the sub-folder name in the address e.g.



I made this test page, but it will not load:

I started here:

Clicked on my main directory: /’
which took me here:

to my main directory: /

Then I clicked on my sub-directory: vjatest, which took me here:

Then I clicked on “Upload” which took me here:

Then I clicked on “Browse” which took me to a window where I can choose which file to upload from my hard drive: /Users/vernandrews/EdLib60GB/FamHist/DreamHostSite/famhistdreamhost/andrewstestpage1.html

Then I clicked on the green check, and received the message, “File andrewstestpage1.html is OK,” “File andrewstestpage1.html has been transferred to the FTP server using FTP mode FTP_BINARY”

I already created a link to my testpage (andrewstestpage1.html) at this webpage:

You can click on the link I created, found in the third grouping of links which begins with "Birding … "

When I click on the link, a page appears, “Not Found,” “The requested URL /andrewstestpage1.html was not found on this server.” “Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

Can anyone see where I made a mistake? I’m sure there is a simple solution to this problem …

– vja4Him


Strange … I tried moving the test file on my hard drive to a different folder, then uploading that test file again, and now it is loading! Why would it matter where the file is located on my hard drive?

– vja4Him


Finally, I fugured out how to get the sub-directories working! I realize now that some of my URLs will be growing very long!! Now I can see how some webpages have a very long URL!

Now begins the work of reorganizing hundreds of webpages, and adding the sub-directories to the URL, so the pages will load properly. Thanks for all the suggestions and patience from everyone!

– vja4Him

– vja4Him