New db

i have a new account and a domain host here.I didn’t changed the dns yet. So lets say i have the domain, and i have a mirror on this at
I created a MySQL database:
Can you tell me how can access phpmyadmin?
Thank you

Unless you have a fixed IP address, which you could go to directly, there is no way to “browse” a domain that DNS can’t find.

One way some users with dynamic IP addresses (the default on DH plans) “stage” sites that they want to be able to browse is to setup a sub-domain (won’t cost you any more, the ablility to use these domains is part of your DH plan)via the “Add A Domain” section of the Control Panel and load the site there.

Since “dreamhosters.comis known to DNS, the folder can be browsed.

This lets you test before your “site” goes “live”. Once DNS has propagated, there a a myriad of approaches you could take to “move” the site to your live domain, depending on the circumstances.

If using relative urls, and no scripts that have hardcoded paths, you could just ftp all the stuff from the directory into your now functioning directory. ALternately you could manipulate the directory contents with shell commands, or you could use the control panel to reassign the directory that your now propagated domain uses as it’s base dir, to describe a couple of methodologies.

THe best solution is dictated by the contents of your site, and the technologies used. You could also search these forums for a similar subjects, as this has been discussed here repeatedly.

Good Luck, and Welcome to DH!