New databases not created

None of my new MySQL databases are showing up. I’ve created them in the Goodies panel, and they appear there. But no new ones appear in phpMyAdmin or when I manually ‘show databases’.

Causing significant angst here as I need a new database up asap.

How 'bout now? I always give things some time to settle in and propagate before getting bent out of shape over it.


Still nothing. Yeah, I usually give any domain stuff awhile to work, but in this case I’m just creating a database using an existing subdomain that already has databases running on it.

I’ve even tried making a new subdomain for it, and that propagated quickly but no database…

-Eddie (slaka)

Are you sure the database creation actually succeeded? That is, there wasn’t an error reported?

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While lurking in IRC, I just observed that some changes had been rolled out with MySQL handling in the panel, and a glitch like the one you described was found.

It was reported as “fixed” around 1600 PST, but the problem may have left your new database without permissions for your user (the regrant command wasn’t being issued).

Two possible ways to fix:

  1. Just “edit” the MySQL user (don’t really need to change anything, just open the “Edit” dialog and re-save/re-submit)

  2. Contact support to have them run a regrant on your database.

Either of those should get the user/privs sorted and put you back in business with the new database


You hit the nail of the head rlparker, thank you! I did # 1) and she’s all good.

Guess it was just bad luck.

Good deal! I’m glad you now have it working. :slight_smile: