New database setup - query

Yesterday, I set up a new DB on my site, and after waiting and waiting, I discovered from reading back over old posts here, that the “set up in 5-10 minutes” for a MySQL database is a tad off (by hours!). Finally, it set up, and everything was okay. It took about six hours.

Today, I set up a second database, and again, I find myself waiting for hours for something to happen. Clicking the direct link to MySQL in the admin panel now gives me the login window, however the name and password are not accepted. edit - now it’s telling me the database cannot be found…

This seems to be an issue - so why does DreamHost put the “set up in 5-10 minutes” comment there? I’ve basically been sitting around waiting for two half days over this…

Any advice?


They’ve just updated the MySQL panel, and other people are having problems. It could be from the new updates. If it’s still not working then submit a trouble ticket.

And I don’t know why the changes take so long. People say you should plan things ahead. For example, make the database in the morning, then come back in the afternoon after work. It is annoying but let’s face it, how often do you need to keep changing the database from that control panel. You only really need it to set it up and add a user… at least I do.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I guess I feel better knowing it’s not a ‘problem’ as such with my database, but an issue all round. Like Artgeek said on another thread, it would be nice to be informed via the webpanel.

If I’d known it was going to take that long, I wouldn’t have spent most of the morning refreshing, trying to log in etc.

Ah well!

I did that too when I first came here. The other host I used did things automatically but that was using cPanel which is a commercial product so it has lots of nice features like instant changes. I have to admit I like the panel here more because there is a lot of power, but it just takes a while.

Anyway, you shouldn’t have too many problems once you do get going because you’ll only do it once really. I’ve never had to use that bit since and I’m sure you won’t have to either :slight_smile: