New Database creation queries


I intend to install Gallery3 and Pixelpost on my hosting account. Both the applications require a database running.

I am not clear on how to go about creating and configuring the database using the control panel at Dreamhost…i am new here.
The online wiki documentation also did not clarify my doubts. Before writing in to tech. support i thought it best to request for assistance here in the forums from more experienced members who perhaps have experienced the same.

My queries are:

  1. In the control panel, do i create 2 different databases with unique users for each application respectively?

  2. What do i use for the hostname option? I dont have any sub-domains setup in the control panel.

Assistance will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  1. Yes. I even give them unique host names if they’re on separate domains
    Pixelpost Host: Database: EXAMPLE_pp (for Pixelpost) User: EXAMPLE_pp Pass: REMEMBER_ME1
    Gallery Host: Database: EXAMPLE_g3 (for Gallery3) User: EXAMPLE_g3 Pass: REMEMBER_ME2

  2. See above. This subdomain is not set up in Manage Domains, nor will it show up there. Use the MySQL section to set up the info in #1.

Thanks a bunch Scott!