New Customer

Hello all,

I’m new to DreamHost after dropping HostGator and so far love it, everything I do is fast, but I have one question.

It said I can get one free domain at a later time since I already own one, and I’m thinking of getting another. Can I use that free domain registration, or is it gone since I already host a domain on my account?


The free domain is actually an annual $9.95 credit to your account. See if that credit shows up in the panel’s Billing section.


Thank you Scott for the reply!

I just didn’t look around enough and it was right in front of me in big letters, but thank you for pointing this out to me!


Welcome to DreamHost!

I dropped HostGator (I think) three years ago, and I haven’t looked back!

Thank you!

HostGator was such a foo. The only good thing I could say about them was that the live chat was on 24/7. I should have 50 dollars coming to me from their affiliates programs, I’m hoping my payment didn’t get dropped.

The affiliate program should be completely separate from the hosting, so unless you violated any terms, I don’t see why that would be affected.

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