New Customer - LOVE far ;->

I find these messages annoying. of course people can say whatever they like…and it’s a testament to Dreamhost that they leave this stuff up here.

now I don’t doubt that some people have had some problems with Dreamhost…no company is perfect. but I’ll tell you, my experience with them since I signed up HAS been perfect. they’ve replied speedily to every request for help…and their advice has always been SPOT-ON.

and if their service had been mediocre, it would have been GREAT next to the other hosts I’ve used recently (namely FeaturePrice, who screwed all their customers…and, who tried hard for me, but could not even setup my email addresses properly, and overcharged me FOUR TIMES the amount I was supposed to be charged). it’s easy to get screwed when you sign up for a year in advance. but Dreamhost has been great to me so far.

I think more satisfied Dreamhost customers should jump in here and give their experiences. not just on the testimonials page. ;->

thanks Dreamhost!!! you ROCK!!!

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Hey, I’m one. My previous hosting providers (companies in Denmark) were, in two words, deeply unprofessional. Dreamhost is a nice contrast, in that they are serviceminded, friendly, quick, and effective in all they do for me. I don’t want to rant, so just add me to the club :slight_smile:

Similar experience here. I have been happy so far. Jabber’s been a little iffy lately, but it’s not what I would consider a mission-critical item. They provide a great service for a reasonable fee.

Could not agree more. DreamHost works, the support is fast, to the point, very helpful and very friendly. All areas of the service work as advertised and the price is certainly right. DreamHost has my unconditional praise so far.

Thank you very much DreamHost.


Dreamhost does rock, their uptime is incredible and the pages are served quickly and always.

Gotta say it’s a bit frustrating dealing with the minimal PHP installation at times. I assume (and am fairly certain I have caught inferences to the fact) that this is due to their priority of serving pages and keeping the machines stable. That’s why I’m here, best shared hosting I’ve ever experienced for page serve and stability.

I would absolutely love a definitive and verbose answer from DH staff about why they don’t offer the PHP goodies that are standard elsewhere with competitively priced shared hosting providers. [edit 1] Think I’ll start a thread asking just that. [edit 2] doubt I’d get much more of an answer than that, bah! =)

So in the end 9.5/10 - half point off for occassionally making me want to swear and compile PHP, 9.5 on for daily whoopin tail in the speed, stability and service departments.


Just another happy customer here. :slight_smile: I’ve bounced around a few hosts (that’s frustrating), hoping one would offer a decent combination of uptime, features and customer service. The others never wound up being what they promised, and I don’t expect perfection. DreamHost is truly one of a kind. Have never seen such dedicated customer service or so many features presented in this easy-to-set-up way. Can’t say enough here about this awesome host- but if you’re lookin’ for a web home, spend extra time checking out DreamHost.

Love Dreamhost. For any fence-sitters out there, my boyfriend and I both have had accounts for a number of years and have been very happy. I recommend it without reservation to anyone I know who needs a good host. Support is friendly and knows their stuff. Never have had any problems getting a prompt, friendly, intelligent response in any of my dealings, even if I ask dumb questions. (Frankly, I question the intelligence of those who claim otherwise.) What I love best is the company’s collective sense of humor, and their honesty. This forum is a prime example. The monthly newsletter is a laugh riot, too.

They make my ISP look really bad in comparison, what with the bad service and corporate BS. I resent the money I spend on my internet connection, but at least I know that the money that goes to my hosting bill is well spent. :slight_smile:

I can’t say that I’ve had any experiences with other hosts. I was lucky to pick Dreamhost the first time, and I’ve never been given a reason to even bother looking at another host.

Dreamhost rocks.