New customer looking for discount code

I have seen a great many discount codes for DH, but after emailing DH today, Craig tells me that some members may have codes that not only provide a great discount, but may include domain registrations and the such. If anyone has such a code with at least a good 2 year discount, I would be interested. If there is a 3 year, I could highly consider that one too.

Thanks to Craig for sending me to the forums, and thanks in advance to anyone that can assist.



Couple of things… when you sign up through DH, you already get 1 free domain registration per year. A discount code can be created to give you more free domain registrations per year for life.

As for the 2 year discount, a discount code can give anything up to $97 dollars (including the nominal cost for extra domain registrations, extra space, bandwidth or unique IP). For example I can create one for you that gives you say $82 dollar discount and an extra free domain per year (which costs $15). Then when you sign up for 2 years, you would have an $82 discount on the price you pay ($214.80).

$50 Discount 1LUCID50 Sign up now

The double bandwidth, drivespace, etc. are redundant due to “unlimited everything” that you get on accounts these days. The ca$h discount ones are good value for cheap initial signup. I’d reckon the best ones would include less ca$h discount and multiple free domain names, as those “keep on giving” year after year. They’re especially suitable for those who intend to register multiple domains, but you could always give domains as gifts to family and friends and host them on your account.

Maximum Cash Discount on any plan with MAXCASH

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You could try 777 and see if that still works. That’s directly from Dreamhost that’s been used for a few sales, but they don’t always expire right away.

:stuck_out_tongue: Maximum savings promo code: MaxSavingsAtDH

Here are two codes that might help:

GUATEMALABRIAN3D - 3 Additional domains for life of account 50$ off
GUATEMALABRIANMX - 50$ off, 1 addtl. domain and 1 unique ip for life of account.


GUATEMALABRIANIP - 1 IP for life or GUATEMALABRIAN1D - 1 domain for life -> The money gets donated to my account (pm me and I can give an hour or two of skype assistance in using dreamhost or doing webdev in exchange for using one of these codes instead)

Use GUATEMALABRIAN3D (3 domains & $50 off) or other Dreamhost Coupons at signup!

Thanks for all of the replies guys. I just got back after having been gone almost a week, and have a mailbox full of pm’s as well as posts here. Thanks again.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone have a code for a 2 year similar to what they did for Geo customers? I got in too late myself, and DH had all the refugees they could handle.

If not, that’s okay since I have some great codes for 1 year. I was hoping for a little longevity with my first sign up.


The max cash that can be given is $50 off - which I believe can be used for 1yr or longer commitments (maybe 6months too not sure).

The other deals that can be given are lifelong and can amount to a lot in the long run.

eg say you’re going to register 3 new domains - every year that’s going to cost say $30… over 10 years that’s $300, but with one of these codes, you can get all 3 free every year for as long as you stay with dream host.

Similarly you can get codes for static ip address, or similar.

We cannot create a code for say $50 off every year, just a one off $50 off.

Of course if you’re just going to need just one domain registration and nothing else then the extra stuff is probably of no interest anyway, unless you happen to join during a time when Dreamhost itself is running a promo (check the main account registration area

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Just an FYI to folks reading so you don’t have to look it up: the offer that Ohiotech is referring to is 2 years of free hosting offered for a limited time to former Geocities customers.

To my knowledge, there is not an equivalent offer that can be created in a customer-created promo code. Dreamhost occasionally does offer promo codes themselves that are better than the customer-created ones, but I haven’t seen one as good as the Geocities one.

Use the [color=#CC0000]3DOM50[/color] promo code for 3 extra lifetime domains and $50 off
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