New Customer Experience and need PHP Logging Assistance

Okay so after having repeatedly worked with the DH Chat Support team and having a less than stellar experience I’ve opted to try over here hoping either the staff here (hopefully different) will either be more knowledgable or the community can assist. Literally EVERY SINGLE REP suggested at one point “oh you just need to wait a few hours and try again”. First of all, that’s unacceptable business practice. If you’re having to queue up system tasks for more than 2 or 3 mins then you SERIOUSLY need to rethink your cloud configuration. Second of all, when I describe something that basically eludes to the fact that I know it’s “working” just not working “properly” the solution will never be to wait a few more hours.

That being said, I’m a 10+ year Cpanel vet. I’ve setup and run Windows Servers and RedHat servers at home. I’ve been doing web design for over 15 years. This is my first time trying DreamHost and I’m frustrated to no end.

I’ve used quite a few webhosts, yes most of them have been CPanel but I’ve used other interfaces too (mainly Windows Server and Linux interfaces)…but this has been the absolutely most disastrous server move I’ve ever endured in my life. I’ve heard phenomenal things about Dreamhost, seen unbelievable reviews, heard of astounding uptime, easy configuration, and even heard “it may cost a little more but it’s worth it”. But I must say I’m not impressed. I don’t know if service has taken a turn for the worst but I just flat out don’t get how a novice, let alone someone with much more experience, can have so much trouble setting up hosting.

I attempted to use the CPanel importer tool and after 24 hours of no response from submitting a support ticket, and 6 tries using trial and error, I eventually got it to work. Or so I thought, I quickly found out that neither the email addresses nor the MySQL database content were successfully imported. While doing that I figured out that the DreamHost setup didn’t properly add my primary domain only the free .co domain. And then I had to figure out how to setup a sub-domain to access and setup my primary domain without changing my hosts file. After doing that I couldn’t access my files without getting a 403 error, a chat support rep figured out though that it had the wrong group permissions (cpanel importer glitch?). Finally my content starting showing up but then I had some issues with changing my content settings for the new local file location. Okay so now my content is not only working but it’s not conecting to the database properly (had to figure that one out too). Figured out some stuff that was missing with the database but now I’m getting a php error that cannot establish connection to the database so I try to check the error_log in the local folder only to find out it’s not outputting errors. SO I had to get a chat support rep yet again to assist with that who, no offense, had no idea what I was talking about. And in case you’re wondering, YES they told me to wait a few hours and try again. After a long drawn out conversation i managed to be convinced that in order to get php logging I would have to make a custom php.ini using shell access (which turned out not to be required to do that, could have done with just ftp access) but oh wait…still no error logging.

Can anyone provide some direction on how to easily get php logging turned on. I have no idea why this isn’t on by default anyway. What developer wants to have to “guess” at why their database won’t connect.

Dailen, first let me apologize for causing any frustration on your end – that certainly is not our intention!

To answer your question - Using PHP 5.3.x (or higher) with a phprc file is highly recommended over using a php.ini file, mostly because it’s quicker and easier.

And to enable php logging, just follow the directions here:

I hope that helps!