New Cpanel

Hi everybody, I’m new here.

Good job with the Cpanel layout’s April fool :wink:

Antonio Bucciol

Thanks for the reminder. That was about a 1.7 minute panic attack. Blue text on black background … RUN FOR THE HILLS !!!

I thought I was transported back to the late 90’s. Luckily I only visit the panel every now and again. Had someone not asked me for instructions on how to do something there I wouldn’t have seen it.

HILARIOUS! it got me to register to this forum so i could voice my concern! However, I was seriously considering leaving Dreamhost for those few minutes… totally freaked me out. thought you’d been hijacked. or bought out by some real lame-o’s.

//good one

The best joke that I’ve seen yet is zenphoto’s. They blasted a slightly different version to the email list bright and early this morning, the emailed version is very hard to tell it’s a joke. But when you read it on the website

The only clear clue that the announcement is an April fools joke is the last sentence of the second paragraph =]

Dang, missed it.

Anybody do a screen grab?