New Control Panel users can't see web directories?

How come when I create new shell (or ftp) users in Users > Manage Users they can’t see the web directories for my domain?

the only directories in their folder is log and mail
whereas if i login with the user I started the account with, he sees log, mail, and as directories…

any help is appreciated.

Users work a little differently here than what you’re used to. Only the user selected for the domain has access to it for FTP. You can use directory re-mapping to give users access to sub-directories of your domain.

There is, unfortunatly, no way to share access to an entire domain across multiple users.


I don’t understand what you’re saying, can you try and be a bit more clear?

matt beat me, but I’, with him

With dreamhost, only one user has access for FTP or or shell for each domain. That user is the one you selected in Panel > Domains > Manage Domains > Edit. Let’s say joe is the user you can log into ftp with and access Sally is the user you can log into FTP with and access Now, if you create the user Jim Bob, and he’s not associated with any domain.

Joe can only upload to, Sally can only upload to, and Jim Bob can upload to his space, but it’s not web-accessable.

You can use directory re-mapping (search the K-base on how to do this) So that Jim Bob’s ‘cool-stuff’ folder actually goes to

There’s no way to set it up so Jim Bob can access all of - only his directory (and sub-directoresi there of)

Does that make more sense?