New Backups Feature - Using with Rsync?

Hi All,

I’m looking at using the new Backups feature (ie: backup to your dreamhost account).

However unfortunately my local bandwidth (GB/month) is fairly limited here so looking at using rsync or something similiar to only backup the changes made to files and hence minimise local bandwidth usage.

From the Panel I’ve setup a backups user for SFTP, but rsync does not support SFTP natively. I’ve seen http:// which may be one way to do rsync over sftp - alternatively is it possible to change the Backups user to allow SSH and backup over that?

Or are there any other ways people would suggest? Will be backing up direct from a Linux machine.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Subject under discussion at ‘Curious about Dreamhost’ section.

I took a glance at the link, and that’s not really ideal. I’ve used sshfs before, and it suspect that using rsync over sshfs will be very slow. I’m not so sure that rsync will be able to do partial file transfers either. I could be wrong about that, but I wouldn’t count on it working 100%.

There are a few programs out there that are designed to backup files via ftp. They compare the timestamp and filesize and only transfer files if they’ve changed. This might be a better solution until dreamhost adds rsync support.

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