NEW Atmail Interface


DH told me that’s the “solution” to getting functional webmail back.

I administer about 20 domains, and it is not my day job. It’s a non-starter.

They have completely ignored the most common small-business use case:

  • Hosted mail only
  • Webmail only, no thick clients, no IT except a part time web master.
  • Aliases for things like Sales, Marketing, Support that are received by and send from multiple people.

Currently the only ways to do role addresses are to:
a) Literally have the people in that role share a mailbox, or
b) Hire a mail admin to set up and maintain a real webmail client, or
c) Hire a IT person to set up thick clients like Thunderbird or Outlook for everyone at the company.

At which point, they might as well buy Office365 and use hosted cloud Outlook.

I know companies like this. They are, or at least were, the target market for DreamHost.

I don’t know what the hell their management is thinking, or what idiot in marketing is trying to market only to non-technical millenials and ignores their existing customer base.


I don’t know if this has been discussed here but the change over to the new spam provider has cause customers like me who manage their own DNS to lose mail.

My wife has a domain with spam filtering enabled. The day before yesterday she stopped receiving mail. I did some sleuthing and figured out that her MX was misdirecting mail. This message was posted on dreamhoststatus on the 20th. There was no email about this change and no effort was made to contact me about the change.

[quote]Spam Filtering Changes! (RESOLVED)
Posted (September 20th, 2016 at 2:57 pm PST) by chalise

We are in the process of rolling out our new spam filtering service! This will begin at 3:00pm PDT, and should take roughly two hours. We will provide updates below as the changeover progresses.

During this maintenance window, anyone who is using our current junkmail/anti-spam filtering will be switched to our brand new, much more sophisticated and accurate filtering service, Vade Secure. We are very excited about this change as this is a major improvement from our previous junkmail/anti-spam service and we think you’ll agree.

There is a DNS change during this maintenance that may cause email deliverability issues if your domain is using external DNS (third party nameservers). If this is something you have set up for your domain, you will need to update your MX records to point to the following:

If your DNS and mail are hosted here, you will not need to change any DNS MX records as we will update the MX records for you during this maintenance.

This changeover will only affect domains that have junkmail/anti-spam enabled on their domains. Domains not using our junkmail/anti-spam filtering will have zero configuration changes or DNS changes.

You can find more information on our new spam filters in our knowledgebase, here:

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact support and we will be happy to assist you.[/quote]

A little planning and a simple email would have prevented this problem. Don’t they have technical meetings there? What kind of planning do they do for a network change? I do more legwork for my raspberry pi upgrade than these guys do for a major email revamp.

Can someone post instructions for how to remove atmail and reinstall squirrelmail please?

I have been paying gandi for DNS for years and it comes with free email. I should have moved years ago but it was too much work. If I have to set up squirrelmail anyways, why not?


Yes, I know, that’s exactly what I do, my DH mail is a an aggregating account collecting mail from all sorts of other email addresses, I need the aliases to send back replies from those accounts. Atmail is a disaster, and useful-feature free.

I don’t think DH care if people go elsewhere. They will have thought about what they’re doing, they’re not stupid, and I can only think that they have decided to change direction, they don’t want small businesses with all their demands, they probably want just non-techie users, who are used to dreadful email interfaces like gmail and the like, who will just suck up what they’re given and not need the extras.

All companies end up like this eventually, they start off with good products, small and nippy, then expand and change out of all recognition, losing their original customers but planning on gaining a load of new ones who will expect less and gain them extra profits.

I wouldn’t lose any time arguing with them, they’re not going to listen, either sort out your own solution (20 webmail clients installed over a period of time perhaps) or find alternate hosting (which, as I have found to my cost, can be very painful too).


I submitted a ticket and was told that apparently it was difficult to support Squirrel Mail. And they only offered a solution of me installing my own webmail app on each of my domains. I will say that it seems that those filters have stopped automatically happening though. If that’s the case, then the crappy atmail will serve its purpose of providing a quick way to check email when I’m not downloading it to a real mail client. Now, I’ll be researching how to install another webmail to my domains. Or other hosting companies that might offer a similar value to Dreamhost but with better policies.


I rarely use webmail, and when I do it’s usually on a phone or tablet. As someone else said, the mobile interface is so feature poor as to be unusable. Actually right now trying to log in on an ipad I get nothing but a blank screen after submitting my email and password. But from memory, it doesn’t tell you what date/time an email arrived on the inbox list, and you can’t specify a bcc address when composing and email in the mobile version. Trying to switch to the dektop version, the css is so messed up that half the time when I try to scroll down to get to the send email button, the header is the only thing that responds to the scroll. I’ve ended up spending several minutes trying to change orientation and find the magic place to get the send button into view.

Squirrelmail was old but covered the basics flawlessly. Atmail is not fit for use.


The reason I switched away from ATMAIL, not even a day after the big switch over, was because, and someone has already said this but… Webmail does not stay synced with imap.

Say I create a folder in my email client called BLAHBLAH

if I was then to go back to the browser and hit F5 to refresh the browser / ATMAIL session, the folder does not appear, as if I didnt even create the folder.

Now im paying for google apps for the last couple of months which I hate google but couldnt think of any other option.

— Chris


If you do you are alone. Folders have been made sub folders where they weren’t before. There is no Delete and Next like there was on Squirrel Mail. This was really useful for me as i get a lot of webcam alerts that i need to go through quickly and delete. Search only searches the current folder so if something has been mis-filed you have no chance of finding it! Squirrel mail searched ALL folders. It was far superior to this load of junk!!! Mis-filing is easy because when you try to drag and drop a mail in a folder, the folder list moves so it could end up anywhere!!
Very bad day the day Squirrel mail was lost. it had one or two idiosyncrasys but nothing like this. Sadly no-one from dreamhost is interested in our problems.


Ok so everyone is going on about all the new “Folders” that Atmail has made. While it is not realy AtMail that is making them. It is Vade Secure. What most of you may not know is that if you have turned on Spam filtering on DreamHost, and if you have not you should: is that DreamHost now uses Vade Secure. Take a look at


One frustration is that once Spam filtering is enabled for a domain, there is no way to turn it off again. Hard to believe, but true.