NEW Atmail Interface


I like atmail’s desktop interface. It’s fast, lean and well-designed.
I don’t like atmail’s phone interface.
The phone interface looks totally different, comes across as half-baked. There’s no attachment or image-in-post capability.
This needs to be rethought carefully.
I don’t think atmail is ready for rollout on this large a scale.




The new Webmail client “Atmail” is useless for professional use.

It is very irritating to use, not easy to use, it is not stress-free, it is not customisable.

Atmail is an outstandig crapware for kids to play with.

I suggest that Dreamhost let us customers switch back to RoundCube. Or make an oneclick-instruction how we could install RoundCube

The changing to “Atmail”, without listening to us customer and our complains, is a great reason that we are considering to move to another host.

Here is a great summary of what is bad with Atmail and what Dreamhost need to to do:


This new atmail is horrible, to say the least.

Every time I log in, there is a “promotion” folder built, with some spam emails on it. I delete it, and it comes back when I login again.

I already have a SPAM folder just for that - doesn’t need another one.

There is another “folder” under filters: “unread” (with a (1) on top of it) - when I click it, the browser shows me “Your search index is being rebuilt. This may take several minutes…”

Several minutes indeed. More than 10 minutes later, it is still like that.

Opened one email, saw nothing on it. Oh wait - there was a small button to “show quoted text”, THEN it showed the message.

This atmail is a mess. It is slow, buggy and have too many problems. I really want my Squirrel mail back - which was simple, fast and worked flawlessly.

I hope someone from Dreamhost sees this. I complained on their support - but I don’t think they’ll listen.

First time in years I’m DH customer, and I’m seriously pissed off by this.

If there is a way to switch back to Squirrelmail (I don’t see it) please someone post a step by step. I can’t continue with atmail another day.


I’m very annoyed by this change. I also use Squirrelmail “catch-all”, and that has made my life suddenly more complicated. I never log in under that name, so it took me quite a while to figure out that for ATMail I had to login to the “catch-all@” email address. Nobody at Dreamhost support was able to understand my confusion, or to offer up that now-obvious suggestion.

The visual presentation is very unpleasant. With squirrelmail I was able to tune the interface. Everywhere on Squirrelmail there was “nuance”, where ATMail it is missing: date displays, multiple identity. ATMail relies on spoofable dates, instead of actual received dates, so spam slips past.

There is no way now that I can send email to anyone without the “catch-all@” phrase appearing in their header information, which is distinctly unhelpful.

Many of the features and settings appear to be disabled: filtering? handling spam?

Squirrelmail is clunky, but it worked, and was customizable enough to work well.

Please, Dreamhost, bring back Squirrelmail, at least until you can match it’s functionality.

Oh, and, I was never informed that this change was coming. Everything I saw was consistent with Squirrelmail and ATMail coexisting, and no forced migration.


The new interface sucks. How do I get it back to Squirrel Mail? The new interface only makes simple tasks take longer. I use outlook at home and keep on top of deleting spam and other things with webmail when I’m not at home. This new interface is simply bloated and annoying to use.

Can I get Squirrel Mail back? Or is this just a service that has been downgraded?


The more I look, the worse it gets. Drag and drop encourages you to try moving mail folders to your preferred ordering, but the only thing this seems to do is to put the “dragged” folder into the nearby folder, and there is no option to put it either above or below the “drop” location in the list.

Since I started fiddling around, one of my main folders is now in a subfolder, and it looks like my only option is to create a new top-level folder and drag all the now-subfolder contents into it. Some of my folders have 1000 or more messages, and multiple sub-folders. Will this work correctly? I don’t relish finding out, either way. Meanwhile, it would not be difficult for this to happen by accident in the future - anytime you drag something around the folder area.


[copied from another thread, since the main Atmail discussion seems to be here]

It also offers no means of creating properly-formatted replies (plain-text, lines under 80 columns, quoted lines preceded by “>” signs and suitable for trimming and interleaving replies, the way God intended e-mail to be sent, or would if He actually existed), but since I rarely use webmail anyway I won’t raise that much of a fuss.

I will, however, raise a complaint about the unannounced introduction of auto-filtering (which seems to take place whether or not you ever use the webmail interface) in which messages get placed in “Promotional” and “Social” folders instead of the regular inbox based on what seem to be undocumented and uneditable criteria. When I download my messages into my mail client (Pegasus Mail) by POP (as I’ve been doing for 20 years), only the regular inbox comes in, so I have no way of seeing the other messages except through the webmail interface, and some useful-to-me stuff like Yahoo Groups digests and restaurant coupons wind up in those folders; I’d prefer to let my mail client deal with the folder-filtering. Is there any way to disable the server-side filtering (other than of spam, which it seems to be doing a decent job at)?


I am very unhappy about the forced switch to atmail. I tried it months ago when it was first announced, and ran right back to squirrelmail.

I don’t know if anyone is listening, but are the problems I have

  • It’s slow (the claim is it’s fast. it’s not. lots of gear-spinning)
  • It doesn’t automatically poll for e-mail
  • It seems to log me out after some amount of inactivity
  • There are these annoying and unwanted “Promotional” and “Social” folders that have appeared out of nowhere. I don’t want them.
  • And regarding the above, if dtobias’ post is correct and that this change is affecting my POP3 mail at home, there will be h*ll to pay (as in changing providers)

I haven’t seen any official replies to this thread. I hope someone is listening.



I deleted those 2 newly created folders. Hopefully, they won’t be used anymore. What I really want is Squirrel Mail to be put back on all of my domains. This one is terrible. My guess is that this was some sort of deal Dreamhost made with Atmail to stick all of the dreammail customers with this product.


What twit set up this system to create those folders and dump mail there without notice? What twit decided it was ok for a service provider to configure filters for users email without their consent. I want this useless crap off/away from my domain so it can never do such stupid tasks again. I do not want or need webmail.

And yes… as reported above, this auto-filtering completely disrupts the use of standard POP3/IMAP clients. And Bloody well no, you CAN’T REMOVE THEM! They come back. Idiots!!!


Yah, a group of pissed of customers.

I wonder how long it will take them to realise they downgraded the mail client.

No control of this mail client, Tickets are now processed by robots, or maybe they employed Bill Gates, what next Metro mitigation?

It’s pathetically slow, auto filtering that you cannot modify, all I see is piles upon piles of crap, they should rename it cesspool, and rename the company to DumpHost.

I would like to see a poll on how many people are as pissed as I am


I agree.

I even talked to one of their techs about logging in as one of my aliases (it no longer works) and they didn’t know that it ever worked, and tried to tell me that. I seriously don’t like being gaslighted by a support tech!

They suggested I make a mailbox for each alias that I wanted to log in with! How stupid and wasteful can you get?

I want squirrelmail back.

Ironically, mailboxes.xxxx.yyy still works with the aliases (instead of catch-all or whatever the core mailbox is.)


I’m having the same problem, and received the same answer from support. I also want SquirrelMail back, or at least the ability to use aliases again.


I had exactly the same reaction, Atmail is an abomination, totally unusable for normal users, let alone business users.

I complained bitterly about it to my webmaster, and he has installed SquirrelMail back onto the domain, as a webmail client, a few tweaks and I’m now back to normal. Relief. He said there was a bit of configuration ‘poking’ but it took him about 30 mins from me moaning to him getting it up and running, so it can’t have been that awkward.

So it is possible to get it back and ignore Atmail, but you’ll have to install SquirrelMail back for each domain, and then configure and look after it yourself.


This is ridiculous. As stated, the folders come back even if you delete them. So this filtering actually prevents me from getting email from regular mail clients. News flash, I do not use webmail primarily. This means that everyone that is using an email address on one of my domains is stuck with this garbage. It needs to be either removed completely or put squirrel mail back.

I submitted a ticket to have it removed. We will see what comes of that.


Dreamhost: Please provide a method or instructions for turning OFF the auto-filtering to ‘Promotion’ and ‘Social’ folders. I do not use webmail, but my dedicated mail clients now include this filtering (must happen at dreamhost before the messages get to me). This has completely broken my mail workflow and spam filtering.

This un-announced ‘feature’ will cause me to move my hosting elsewhere!


I e-mailed support, and their answer was to setup my OWN webmail (imap) mail client. Now THAT’S convenient. They said there’d be no more squirrelmail.

They did NOT address the question of those annoying “Promotion” and “Social” folders, so I posted a followup on that.

Anyone know of other decent hosting outfits?


Can you turn off that damn Promotion and Social folder filtering, or at least give users a way to shut them off. As it stands I have to go to webmail every time I want to download my mail to Outlook 2013, which I use in my home and business offices. It sucks. Everything worked until this morning when everything was blocked by your new webmail program. Whomever did this and created those folders should be flogged. I have been with Dreamhost for a lot of years, but I may have to leave. I don’t know how much business I’ve lost.

BTW…don’t bother chatting with tech support, they don’t have a clue and will give you the run around…then, tell you to open a ticket with tech support.


The new “Promotion” and “Social” auto-filtering is completely unacceptable. It has completely destroyed my workflow, and users should have the option of disabling it.