NEW Atmail Interface


Yes I am using Squirrelmail. To be honest I rarely use webmail…


I can’t agree that Atmail is anything other than a disasterous piece of junk… I’ve posted my reasons here:


DreamHost is no different than any other company … they hire new people and those people try to make a name for themselves by dramatically changing &^%$ and usually just F*&^ing stuff up.

I have SquirrelMail on my account, never was offered RoundCube, and now, I start up client’s account and it’s AtMail. Really?

I am not a professional WebMaster but after 35 years as a Systems Engineer I know several, and when I mentioned we were getting AtMail, all I got was groans.

So of course now I am panicked. Have I just recommended a bucket of crap for my client?


[quote=“Zinderin, post:23, topic:63212”]
DreamHost is no different than any other company … they hire new people and those people try to make a name for themselves by dramatically changing &^%$ and usually just F*&^ing stuff up.[/quote]

They haven’t shown this tendency so far, but then again I’ve only been around a year or two at this point.

You can go back to SquirrelMail – it’s on the panel under the webmail option. It seems really slow to switch back, but it will do it eventually. Unfortuntely those of us who were using RoundCube don’t have that option, unless we want to install it on our own server (which I am seriously considering at this point).



You guys ever plan on fixing this??

ATmail is unusable for the reasons listed above, along with others:
[]Continuously tells me my password/username is wrong WHILE I’M LOGGED IN
]Clicking on anything rarely works
[]Emails time out or error out constantly
]“Could not send email” and “Could not save copy in sent items” constantly
Is this some sort of a school project going on here or something?! It certainly isn’t a production-quality release and I would be fired from my job if I was to release a product like this to production.

I use webmail as my primary email connection so I can access it across all device. Because I can’t effectively use email anymore I am looking for another host provider and will switch unless this “application” is fixed soon.


The lack of response from DreamHost staff suggests that it’s not gonna get fixed anytime soon.

However, note that you can still use SquirrelMail…which, while somewhat basic, does work very well.

– Steve


If history tells us anything, this won’t change anytime soon. use SquirrelMail, install your own roundcube, or change EMAIL providers. Let’s face it dreamhost does web hosting correctly… email at dreamhost sucks and has for at least the last 8 or 9 years. No single company that I know of gets both right at a reasonable price.

many like google apps for email, I personally don’t want google “reading” for ad cookie placement. I prefer


I see that they added a banner for SquirrelMail users saying:

“We’re rolling out a new email client soon. Come check it out, it’s really cool!”

…the words “new” and “soon” gave me hope that some alternative to atmail was coming - but alas, no - the “new” turns out to be atmail - and the “soon” turns out to be “weeks ago”.

I just hope this isn’t the first step towards removing squirrelmail too…that would be a major disaster.


If you’re looking at an email,
and press the “crossed out circle” right next to “trash can”
(are you sure?), it will empty out your inbox.
Emails you didn’t want and trashcanned are still retrievable.

also - squirrel mail is still there, but with features disabled and has that neat blue strip across the top


What features are disabled? It still looks OK to me.


Where is DH staff on this? Can we get a policy notice? Why are policy changes relayed to my users via banners before I know about them?



Good question!

If you actually follow the link in the blue banner - and sign into Atmail - you are given a chance (another banner link) to respond to a survey. It’s kinda well buried though.


I ran into an issue today trying to reply to a github tracker email.

The reply-to was along the lines of ‘’.
While I wrote the reply, atmail popped up a red x banner at the top of the middle pane saying the address ‘exceeds the allowed length’ and wouldn’t let me send the email.

This works in squirrelmail.


sorry to be so general, it was only one: No html



I don’t use webmail very much (I use Pegasus Mail on my home PC, as I have for over 20 years), but do occasionally log into the webmail interface.

My main beef with the new program there is its inability to send plain text messages with no HTML, and its inability to format replies in the traditional format with > signs to the left of quotes, and interleaved replies.


I rely entirely on webmail because I jump around between computers on a bunch of different operating systems all the time and having email clients on all of them is a pain.

The problems with ATMail go deep…clunky user interface - really bad folder handling - bad, bad, bad bugs all over the place. No way to block image downloading with white-lists, so I have to either block all of them or none of them.

The whole thing looks very crude and unfinished. Squirrelmail is not without problems - but I vastly prefer it over ATMail. I thought that RoundCube was reasonable good too. But ATMail is pretty much unusuable for me.

IMHO, Dreamhost should either go back to RoundCube - or look for something else…but no matter what, it should keep the tried & trusted SquirrelMail up and running until they have something that’s more widely accepted.


+1 (times 10)

Squirrel is ugly but a workhorse that never stumbles, roundcude was ok, ATmail isn’t ready for public consumption.


Um, how do you manage identities on Atmail?

I can’t see anywhere to do that. I’ve been using DH and squirrelmail for 16 years now, it may not be perfect, but it does what I need!

I use a catchall, and many (16 years worth of) identities, but only one login to manage them all. If I can’t do that within Atmail, then it is NOT an upgrade, if anything it is a major downgrade!

Also it is ugly and white. In Squirrelmail I have logo customization, color customization and message highlighting colors. Did not see any of those in Atmail.

Plus, squirrelmail at least checks for new messages on its own. Atmail does not.





I do fear Squirrelmail will be dropped shortly. Moonthink covers some of atmail’s shortfalls (colour/logo customisation being nice but not essential) especially the lack of identities.