NEW Atmail Interface


I LOVE the new atmail! I have been using the other ones you offer and they worked, but the new Atmail is much more robust and useable. I do have a couple of requests if it is possible (see screenshot linked below):

[]Adustable frame between email list and preview pane.
]Move focus to next/previous email after deleting message
Please see screenshot:


What? What new sorcery is this?

How do I access this feature? It looks awesome!

And FWIW, I agree with @squareofprimes suggestions.

Details are available on our wiki at:

But the short version is, if you’ve got a DreamHost hosted email address, you can log in to try it out at

Does this mean SquirrelMail is going away? And RoundCube?

No, I can’t. The DNS lookup fails. Do I need to enable this somewhere?

Where was this announced? It wasn’t at, it wasn’t at, it wasn’t at, and it sure wasn’t at, where it should be.

It seems to be very hit and miss that Atmail works at the moment. Yesterday my email address was only one that would work with Atmail at all. Today my address doesn’t work but one of our other users can log into Atmail today. I’m assuming that’s because the service hasn’t been fully rolled out to all users?

Atmail seems to work just fine. It is a huge improvement over SquirrelMail – but I don’t think Atmail is better than the latest Roundcube.

DreamHost, you should auto-deploy Let’s Encrypt certs on webmail subdomains, to get rid of cert warnings in most browsers, and default to https://, not http://.

Atmail is horrible clogged, and is not a usable Outlook-clone. If I want to use an Oulook-interface I would use Microsoft Outlook.

In Atmail I couldn’t choose to send mail only in text-mode? Why?

Roundcube is clean and fullfill my expectations…

I suggest that Dreamhost let us customers choose Roundcube or Atmail.



How do I empty a whole folder? On Roundcube, I could empty a folder from the folder-menu directly. It seems, that in Atmail I have to click the folder-settings-button. But that only opens a new tab called “Folders” and that’s it. The content-area is blank. In the Atmail description it says, that I would see an “empty” button there.
Can you please fix this, because I don’t want to delete every single spam-mail by itself or have to delete the trash-content one-by-one.

I mean SquirrelMail has a shitty interface, but the search-options are WAY betty that in Roundcube or Atmail. Roundcubes interface is okay-ish, but it had a couple of functions, which Atmail doesn’t provide.

Oh and also doesn’t work. Do we have to make the DNS-setup ourselved?

Been exploring the new Atmail interface, and overall it’s a nice update from Roundcube, with one major asterisk. That asterisk being that the webmail contents do not properly reflect the IMAP listing.

Say I opened Apple Mail and received 10 emails. I deleted eight, and kept two. If then I opened webmail, in Roundcube, those eight emails I deleted would appear ghosted (I could still view them if I wanted, though), and there was an option to compress the mailbox to accurately reflect the status of the IMAP server.

In Atmail, it appears if I’ve done nothing to the server (emails that have been deleted are not ghosted) and there’s no way to compress the folder view. The only work around I’ve found is if I receive a new email and delete it, once the webapp refreshes, then it accurately reflects the proper state of the inbox.

If I’m missing a setting/function, please let me know. But if not, please find a way to introduce a compress feature, or simply figure out a way to have webmail accurately reflect the state of the IMAP server.


Also, it’d be fantastic if there was an option (in settings) to mark unread items as “read” when if you move them to the Trash. Unless that is a setting already and I totally missed it.

To be honest I find the new interface goofy and childish looking, plus everything is HUGE and double spaced compared to the squirrel mail interface clean and tight look. I know there needs to be an update so performance can be better but for crying out loud could we get something that at least looks professional on the front end!

I showed some coworkers and they literally laughed out loud. I’m literally embarrassed to be using this at work and I do messaging consulting for myself and use dreamhost so I can communicate with customers.

I changed to using only webmail last year instead of dragging outlook around with me everywhere. I hope there are some interface API’s coming along that will make this look better, blech…

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I’ve tried to use atmail a few times now but I keep returning to RC out of frustration. It has a significant feature disparity with RC and appears much slower to me (it takes forever to reload the inbox). It also doesn’t deal with lost backend connections very well (it appears to not notice and continues trying in vain to communicate – RC detects this condition quickly and fails gracefully). RC may have its issues but it’s still significantly better than atmail so far as I can see.

So, I am begging you DH… DON’T DROP RC! Please.

PS: Please remove the annoying atmail banner from RC. It’s overly bright and distracting and when I remove it (FF ‘nuke anything’ plugin is so awesome!) it leaves the layout messed up.

These style issues come and go in web design.

The latest trend seems to be trying to take advantage of the really huge monitors that people have. (People who can afford them, that is.)

Thank you all for the comments and feedback! We are definitely in the testing phases and are aware of a few quirks; we’re steadily improving things and expanding our documentation. I’ll make sure these comments and suggestions are seen by the relevant team on this project! If anyone is experiencing issues or errors that break the functionality of Atmail, please contact support directly with the details so that our admins can investigate.

I host mail for clients, but I don’t use webmail myself. I just accidentally stumbled upon the AtMail feature today. I’m happy to see this being rolled out, but were you ever gonna announce it officially? I hate the idea of my clients testing a new feature before I’ve had a chance to.

Please make an official announcement about this, and send it to account admins (who, like me, may rarely or never use webmail themselves).


agreed on all these observations… very slow, kludgy, and lacking features. a big disappointment…


It’s super-super slow today - presumably that’s because it’s new - so I’ll assume that won’t be a problem after a day or two.

What I’ve found that I hate in the first 30 minutes:

  • No text-only composition mode.
  • No image-display-enable whitelist. (This is a serious pain)
  • No way to move a folder?!? Really?!
  • Doesn’t remember which folders I have clicked open so I’m forever re-opening them.
  • Really un-obvious icons (the circle-and-slash “NO” icon means "delete the entire folder?!?)
  • Ugly interface (please - we need some kind of skinning!)
  • Didn’t import my contact list from RoundCube or Squirrel.
  • Nowhere near enough customization options.
  • Still no baysian filtering.

It’s not within a million miles of RoundCube - and I’ll be going back to squirrel - just as soon as I figure out how you screwed up the Dashboard panel interface.


One of my sites was using the RoundCube beta, and now we seem to be forced into using AtMail.

Oddly, my other domains that weren’t using RoundCube still give us the SquirrelMail option. Anyone else seeing this?


I was using Squirrel on one email account and RoundCube on the other…only the RoundCube account page said anything about the AtMail change-over, so I presume that Squirrel is still being supported.

Anyway - AtMail is pretty much unusable for me - so I switched that domain back to Squirrel yesterday. It took several hours for the change to actually ‘take’ - but that does work and now I can use Squirrel everywhere.

– Steve