NEW and almost there ( I think)

Ok…after some time toiling around. Here’s my deal. I am up and running with a site. I am using Fetch to transfer my files to my Dreamhost FTP site. All files have successfully transferred, but all i get is a blank Wordpress site with none of my data. How do I get my content on the site? I imported via .xml but only get a portion on the data, none of the setting remain- it’s like i have to build the whole site over again. What do i need to do from here?

I think the .xml file only has posts and categories. But you should still be able to get to the wp-admin section. Or do you mean blank, as none of your old data? Where did you get your old data? The optimal way to transfer a WordPress site is a full database dump if you can get to your old database.

how do I do a database dump? I originally had my site locally hosted on my mac but couldn’t figure out how to get my domain ( to point to it. I uploaded all the site files from my locally hosted db to ftp. I can see it all when I look at the files on the ftp server. Is my path wrong? root/mywalkingpoints/sitefiles… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it’s on MySQL, you can directly transfer the database over: (setup and connecting from Third Party i.e.home) (Try the Shell option)

If you set up your site as a Fully Hosted domain, it’ll create a folder in your home directory. That needs to be created by the panel. It’ll contain a quickstart.html file if it’s set up correctly. /home/USER/
You shouldn’t see “root” in the path anywhere. With SFTP, it’ll start with /home/USER, and with FTP, it’ll start with /

i doesn’t look like my last reply went through. I think i have the site running ( but i am not sure that it is being hosted from Dreamhost. When i load the site an avatar pops up telling me that the site is not encrypted. What do i need to do to protect the data?

Does the site need to be encrypted? Why would it? I don’t see anything obviously sensitive on the site that would warrant that.

It’s being served from DreamHost. I’m not getting such a popup. However, there a few items trying to load from localhost:


p.s. The site looks really good. Nice job!

Thanks! My first shot at it. What should I do about the files trying to access them from localhost- delete them?

That first entry, sexybookmarks, is still being called from the header for a CSS stylesheet entry.

There are a few other calls to localhost:
Your two RSS feeds, also in the header.
The HOME link in the tippy top left corner.
The RSS feed icon right above the ME (you, I suppose) picture.

Once those are tracked down, that should take care of that and you won’t have to worry about deleting files.

how do i deal with the RSS feed icon above my pic?

I think that’s a theme option, like the Twitter and Facebook links, which also need some fixing. Twitter doesn’t use www. in front, so you can get rid of that part. Your Facebook link points to an email address (probably your Facebook login name), rather than a link to your Profile. This kind of looks like you:[hr]
I just looked at the Arras theme and it looks like RSS feeds are handled under Theme Options. Fixing those two entries should fix all RSS errors:
RSS Feed:
RSS Comments Feed:

And it looks like there’s nothing you can do about the “www.” for Twitter. Not a big deal.

Thanks for the information you have. It’s very helpful for me…

sdayman- you are “THE BOMB!” thank you very much!

You’re very welcome. And I’m blown away by how good your photo blog looks.