New Acct, Wordpress Question

Hi—I just signed up for service with DH, and want to install my wordpress blog through one-click install, i keep getting an error message, which states choose URL from drop down box,which i have.

Do i have to wait for approval from DH before i can add and configure my blog?

Have you set up a host name for the database as well as your website address? it may be you haven’t chosen that.

You should be able to use one click installs as soon as your account is active as far as I am aware.

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Hi—I was just now able to install the blog, guess i had to wait for acct activation/approval. Thx!

Two more quick questions.

1.) Do i have to wait for the site to propagate in order to customize and configure the blog?

2.) I just received an email about FTP. Do i need to do anything with this? As my site will be a blog, do i need to FTP anything?


If you’re even mildly adventurous, try following these directions on the DreamHost wiki for viewing your site before DNS propagates.

What did the email say?

BTW, if you’re using a WordPress one-click install, you may still need to upload plugins, I think. That is, unless there’s an admin page that I don’t use that allows you to do this. :slight_smile:

I recommend using SFTP rather than FTP. I use the WinSCP client on Windows to connect to my DreamHost server and transfer files using SFTP.

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You can use an ftp client or you can use a web based ftp through the control panel (under manage domains click webFTP under the domain) in general you will just need to use this to upload plugins and themes. Once they are uploaded if you ned to make any changes this can be done within the wordpress admin panel but if you want to use something else this would involve ftp.

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How do i know if my site has propagated? Can one tell just by visiting the URL? When i click on my domain name i get a white page that shows a parent directory???

Yup! That’s good and means that you are getting through to DreamHost. (this is a new site, right? you’re not moving from another host)

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yes this is a new blog, and (you’re right) i’m not moving from another host. has the site propagated, then?

Yes! Go build your WordPress blog! :slight_smile:


Thanxs rlparker.

I rec’d an email letting me know that my one-click install of wordpress was successful, however when i click on the link to create a wordpress admin user, i get a white page showing the error message below. Why can’t i set this up? Is it some sort of FTP issue?

This is the link i am clicking on: (from email)

I get this error message:
Not Found

The requested URL /wp-admin/install.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Hmm. It looks to me like the install didn’t go well. Did you do the install just now or back before the DNS information propagated? (It shouldn’t matter, but better we should know).

When you ssh/sftp/ftp into your server, what’s in the directory? It seems to me that the directory might be empty…

BTW, did you happen to change the web directory for domain?

I might suggest a delete and clean one-click install to eliminate any residual “synchronization” issues. :slight_smile:

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ah. yes. i did the one-click install yesterday right after i got my activation email, but i think the site propagated you advise that i delete the one-click install, and then re-install it, right? hopefully that is the problem.

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Yeah, the fact that the directory seems empty seems to indicate that something went awry with the one-click install. I would have thought you would have gotten some other error in that case, though. Curious.

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