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Just wondering :slight_smile:

I am looking at getting a new account. Doe anyone if its possible to view the new site without transferring the domain name straight away?

my existing site is fairly large and I am in the middle of rebuilding the backend (joomla/gallery) but its not finished. Its also the reason I am looking at Dreamhost.

So what I would LIKE to do is get the hosting but have time to transfer and complete the new site structure and then transfer the domain name itself… Obviously I would need to be able to view & test the new site without using the domain name.


Yes, it is very easy to set-up that way. Dreamhost allows you to set up free subdomains on (as in which works very well for this purpose. Check out this Dreamhost wiki article about viewing your site before DNS is changed.


Yes, there are a couple of ways you can do this.

Firstly, you add your domain to the DreamHost system as ‘fully hosted’, even though the domain is currently hosted and active elsewhere, you just won’t be able to access the DreamHost version by it’s real domain name.

To access and test the site you can create a free sub-domain and set it to mirror the domain you added above. More information can be found in the wiki article below;

Another option for accessing your site before you point the domain at DreamHost is to edit the hosts file on your computer, making the domain name resolve to the IP address of your DreamHost server.


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Others beat me to this link, but this one might also come in handy:

DNS - Accessing your Database before DNS change.

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No race, it’s just when I see a question thats already been answered I don’t normally reply, unless I feel I can add something.

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damn, I ame back to say never mind :slight_smile:

speed answers!! thank you :slight_smile: got it sussed. now trying to compile ffmpeg :(…

You try to compile ffmpeg on DH servers ?!
Why don’t you do such things on your own computer ?

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