New account

“This account is currently pending approval.”

How long should this take?

The search feature works.

Depends. If it’s been flaged for manual approval, it may take a bit. You can put a message into support to check on the status. Probably Sometime Monday would be my guess.


“Our manual approval process can take up to 3 days to complete as we check
for potential fraud.”

Do they do this to every new customer?

Do they do this to every new customer?

They don’t do it to everyone, my friend just set up an account about 5 minutes ago, and it went through fine

As anks329 said, the approval delay does vary quite a bit. My account was approved in minutes, but a friend I referred had to wait a few days for approval.

I believe DreamHost has an automated fraud detection system that tags some applications for manual approval. Exactly what factors trigger this process is unknown (deliberately so).


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