New Account Woes with Dream Host

Hello all,
[preface]This may seem like I’m a flaming dreamhost hating guy with not so much a twinkle of interest in my own life… That’s not so, I like dreamhost even though my own life may suck a little bit; that’s no fault of dreamhost. [/preface]

So I’m a little frustrated with dreamhost, well more than a little to be honest. I attempted to sign on with dreamhost about two weeks ago. I signed up with the credit card option… Now, not having read the important text after send ing the card information I didn’t realize that I had to send a ‘rub’ of the credit card. Now I won’t delve into that detail only because I know it’s well documented in these discussion forums and my own lack of attention to detail in seeing that fact in the first place. Well, I then decided that I felt that a ‘rub’ was silly for ANY modern company offering online services and cancelled my account. Never having been billed or had my domain activated, I figured the account had been cancelled… One should never assume, but I did.

Fast forward to this week: Okay, so I pull a John Kerry and flip-flop and decide to just deal with the ‘rub’ and join up with Dreamhost… Well, now I can’t because my “domain is still in our system,” according to dreamhost. I emailed dreamhost customer service about my issue. They responded, promptly and said that they would delete my account so that I could sign up. Unfortunately whatever was done didn’t correct the issue and I could not sing up with my domain, still… I’ve contacted dreamhost two more times regarding this issue and haven’t received resolution… Now, I know dreamhost would like my business. They like money and I like giving money. Perfect match, right?

I’d really like to get this resolved. I do think it is rather backward to not offer ‘live’ telephone support for customer or technical inquiries, but I digress… I’ll “stay on target” like Luke.

In summary: I really do like what dreamhost offers, I have a client that uses them. I think dreamhost is a good company overall, but I’m just so frustrated over this account setup. I don’t believe that I am alone in this either… So if somone has a useful option to follow this up I’m open for it. Otherwise I will continue harping on dreamhost customer service…

It’s simple–just contact Dreamhost and have it resolved. I’m sure they can either make what’s in the system work, or clear it out so you can restart the sign-up process.

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You are correct, this matter is simple. I do not disagree there.

However, I have contacted dreamhost numerous times regarding this issue with no positive result to report. It is not for me to nag, but since you can’t call them I am left to forums and emails. I am very understanding, having worked in customer service and tech support for a number of years I get that sometimes things don’t go the way one would like for them to. Yet I do think it’s fair to expect quality service from such a good company.

If you’re just sending emails, they might not be getting them. It would be best to open a support ticket through the control panel, so there’s a record of it there and you’ll be able to see updates–even if there’s an email problem.

The second best method would be using the contact form.

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If you check the forum, you aren’t the only person who doesn’t like the fax system. But after many posts, some from the DH team, it seems there wasn’t any alternative. Fraud is a problem, and this was the only way to stop it, and preserve their merchant account…

Hope things with your account get settled!

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I have made contact exclusively through the contact form and then followed up with email thereafter, once I’ve been contacted by customer support… I did not open a support ticket, however. I will open one today and see if that yields a better result. I hope it does, because this process is needlessly frustrating. I feel like I’m ramming my face into a wall just for the heck of it.

So, did you get your account at last?

If not, do you have another domain you could use for sign up?

It is possible to change which domain is registered for free once you are in.

Also, with regard to the ‘rub’ of the credit card:
Since I live overseas, a fax would cost too much, so I contacted DH and supplied the security code on the back of my card. They were happy with that.

Hey there, Kharisma!
Unfortunately this issue hasn’t yet been resolved. There’s been a lot of back and forth with no results. They can’t accept direct emails from me at this time, so every response has to go through the contact form due to spamming reasons, of course. It’s all really very dissapointing… I may or may not sign up for a different domain… Thing is, the second go round I wanted to take advantage of their 99.99 promotion… But i couldn’t because of this issue and my account and domain still being in the ‘system.’ Anyway, I think that this is really something that should just ‘work.’ But it doesn’t.

I’ve pursued all the avenues that I know of within dreamhost and taken to heart the suggestions that have been given to me, which I appreciate mind you. But if a company is this difficult to deal with when signing up what does that say about them after one has become a customer? I’m not nit picking, but I feel it’s a valid question. And, I’m dissapointed to say, I really feel that I need to look into other alternatives if I don’t see resolution within the next day or so… I do appreciate everyones’ input, though. Thank you.

It is certainly a valid question. I have been with Dreamhost for 2 years, and had a serious look around at other options a couple of months ago. I did find one place where the support was brilliant. Most questions answered intelligently within 15 minutes to half an hour, and the odd difficult question took a few hours.

However, I found that taking everything into account, DH simply has the best package hands down, and at a price I can afford. It depends what you are after I suppose.

If you just want to host a couple of domains, then find a host that offers what you need and has the support.
For me, I need what DH has, for my business, and am learning ways of managing with the support.

Hope things work out for you, one way or the other.

Hi yannibmbr,
I just sign up here in dreamhost last week (Wednesday) and my account got activated on yesterday (Saturday). I also got annoyed with that rub thing. Actually I sent twice a fax of the imprint because the first one I sent they said that imprint is missing. I got frustrated in waiting for response on the activation of my account. But after that, Im very happy. :cool:

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Yeah, it looks like you got one of our trainees on this one (we are adding lots of new support.) I have alerted the the head of the department to get this fixed up for you. Apologies!

It’s good to know that, at least, the issue is being worked on within dreamhost… I understand that, perhaps, the question was being handled by someone with little experience… Anyway, I’ll leave it at that. I do want to thank everyone for their constructive input. I really appreciate it immensely.

I sent you a private message earlier this morning. Please click the ‘Check Private’ link at the top of this forum. :slight_smile:

Hey Mike,

I know you have better things to do than to hang out here on the forums but it’s good to know that you’re out there watching over us…

… lurking.

Thanks for doing what you do for us!


Well, my issue has finally been resolved with many thanks to Mike S. So, again, I would like to thank Dreamhost for their efforts to resolve my issue. Sure it took longer than I would have liked, but I can deal with it…

Once we have fully tested the google checkout option we plan to allow refunds to customers who use that. Then people with google checkout histories could avoid the fax auth, since you would already have reputation with google payments.

The important question we’re all looking to have answered is…

Will promo codes be available with the google checkout option?


We are still testing, but the hope is that google checkout will be able to be used as a full alternative to standard credit card processing. They also have a fraud detection system in place. We don’t know if it is more or less strict then ours yet though. Hopefully, their fraud rating will be something we can use to boost the effectiveness of our own.

So, confirming…

… Not yet. (But maybe!)


Promo codes are available with all forms of payment.