New Account: Status still Pending


Hi. We’ve just applied for web hosting yesterday. It’s been almost 24hours already and our account’s still “Pending”. I’m wondering when we’re gonna be approved?

In the registration process this is what we did:

We chose the option “Register a new .com/net/org/info domain for me.” then we entered the domain name that we wanted on the text box below.

Then on the next page, we chose the “Full Web Hosting: 1 Month for $10.95/mo, $50 setup fee ($60.95).”

I’m not sure what’s wrong, but when we checked on the panel, we have 0 domains hosted, 0 domains registered. We’ve tried to register a new domain, but nothing happens. Is this because our account’s still waiting for approval?


All of your requests are still pending due to your yet to be approved account. If you used Google Checkout and/or are non-US, it takes longer, like 3 to 5 business days.

If it hits the point of real concern, submit a ticket to Support, or use the generic form:



Oh… thanks for the reply. I’ll wait for a little longer then.