New account Setup

I bought a new dreamhost package for the first time. My domain is hosted in another vendor. I am looking to move my website to dreamhost.

When I am visit “” I see this at the top:

“We are setting up your hosting service for you
This should only take a few minutes, as soon as that is complete you will be able to manage your new website.”
… and it hows a progress bar with percentage of progress. This progress bar is stuck at 97% for 9 HOURS now!

I tried to reach customer service without any avail. Live chat is not available. Customer service representatives did not reply to my ticket so far and I have no idea what I should do now.

I know that this is not regarding payment as payment has gone through and I already got receipt in mail.
I already got an email saying that my account in dreamhost has been approved, so it is not an issue with approval either.

Brutally speaking, my first impression on dreamhost is NOT upto-what-so-ever expected level… but like they say, brighter days ahead I guess.

So I would appreciate if someone kindly have any idea on what to do now. Thanks.

Test if your account works by adding a (free) subdomain from the panel.


I was able to fix it by reaching out to customer service in working hours.

Thank you for your reply.

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