New account set up

Signed up almost 24 hours ago have faxed the CC authorization form but account still not activated. My experience with other web host provider is that activation is almost always instantaneous. Is this normal?

Also want to be sure that I can use my hosting account to host multiple domains as many as the disk space and bandwidth will allow. Since I can’t find any info on this from DH’s site, would appreciate if someone can shed some light on this. Thanks.

If you’ve sent in the fax, they do have to process and verify it; it seems to very in terms of how long it takes. You can always contact sales if it isn’t processed within a day or so.
Very little to do with either emus or farmers!

All DreamHost plans come with ‘unlimited’ domains and sub-domains, so you should not have too many problems in this regard.

Here on DreamHost, each domain or sub-domain has its own web accessable directory, which makes them mostly independent of each other. This is different, and in my opinion vastly superior, to some other systems that configure sub-domains as sub-directories of existing domains.

In short, DreamHost is extremely well suited to hosting lots of domains.


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