New Account Problems

I just signed up with Dreamhost and my account came with one free domain name. Anyways, when I filled out that part of my sign up I must have misread because I thought that if I already had a domain name that Dreamhost would renew the domain for another year. Now I realize that I would have to transfer my domain registrar to Dreamhost which I don’t want to do. Does this mean I am screwed out of my free domain?

Also, I have changed my DNS infor at my registrar and given it time to propogate. However, when I try to view the files I’ve uploaded in a web browser I get a 500 Internal Server Error. I can connect to FTP using just fine. I can also connect to as well as access my database through the web panel. However with the domain I used to create my account as well as a second that I added via the control panel I get nothing but 500 errors.

I submitted a help ticket, but no one has responded yet. Is this sort of thing typical of Dreamhost? If soo Id like to find out before my money-back period runs out.

No, your can register your domain whenever you like.
Which 500 error? Have you searched the Knowledge Base (priority is: KB, Discussion, Ticket)?

If you don’t use your free domain registration right away, you can use it at any time later, by registering a new domain through Dreamhost or transferring an existing one from another registrar.

– Dan

I found the problem. I was using LIMIT command with my .htaccess files and also had some extra spaces at the end of lines so I removed the LIMIT commands and cleaned up the whitespace and now it’s working fine.