New account & phpMyAdmin

I just signed up with DH and am in the process of moving my site here from another hosting service. In the web panel it says to use your mysql host name to access phpmyadmin, but when I try to do this I get a server not found error. Is this because I haven’t changed my dns settings to point to DH servers? If so, what can I do to access phpmyadmin here?

I’m not ready to change the dns settings yet, so I’ve done what’s recommended and created a sub-domain and set it to mirror mydomain. I’m not real sure why this works, but it lets me see my site, and that’s what I care about. But I’m stumped on how to get to phpmyadmin. frustrating…

tia for any help

I’ve already set up my database and am familiar with phpmyadmin. I’ve read the documentation that you link to, it tells me to go to my database’s hostname to access phpmyadmin. When I do this I get the server not found error, as mentioned in my post.

I saw this! But I have no idea what it’s talking about :frowning: I thought I already had a sub-domain for my database - (as seen in my web panel). But this doesn’t work of course. I don’t know how to “remotely access them from your old host” though it sounds awfully inviting. And then the rest of it seems to be referring to the change to my dns settings but alas it’s too fuzzy to make any sense of. Thanks for your help so far Bob, I believe I’ve read all the documentation it just isn’t specific enough to get me where I need to be!

I’m thinking maybe this is key:

As I said, I thought I was already doing this, but that’s probably where I’m misunderstanding. I know how to create another subdomain but why would I do this? What would I point it to?

Yep, like BobS says, you need to set up an additional mysql host (subdomain). Should be like It won’t work, even if you already have a dreamhost subdomain for your main site, to type in that addy until you’ve added the mysql host in your control panel. Once the new subdomain is working (15mins), you can easily log on from your old host.

okay, now we’re getting down to it. sometimes it’s tough just to figure out how to ask the question you want to ask. you say this:

yes! I assumed this was the problem. Then you say this:

okay, so I create a new DH sub-domain called Where I point it to and what the impact is, that’s where my understanding ends. I would think I should point it to, but I don’t really understand what’s happening when I do that. Am I creating a unique dns entry somewhere that identifies as being on DH servers?

Not just a new dreamhost subdomain, since you say you already have that. What you need to set up is an additional mysql subdomain (host).

Click the goodies link, on the left in your control panel. Then click mysql, just like when you set up your database. On the next screen, click the link that says “add mysql hostname.” You can leave the text box as the default (mysql), or change. Select your dreamhost subdomain from the dropdown list. Click the add button. Your new mysql host will be this addy, something like Give it a bit to start working.


thanks much Michelle, I’ve done this and will try it out shortly. I’d like to understand what the heck I’ve just done though. I understand the point of a subdomain - a domain within the parent domain, but I don’t understand why this works when my dns settings still point to my old host? still goes to my old host (which it should because I’m not ready to switch yet). but why does point to dreamhost servers? Have I effectively created a new dns setting that points to DH servers? I’ve read a lot of the knowledge base relating to domains and such but still need to have a few “aha” moments before it all makes sense…

Your site subdomain should be something like, not It won’t work if it points to your domain. Plus, the mysql host you just now set up should be (after you’ve set up the right subdomain) like, and not Just got the subdomain and dreamhost parts mixed up is all. Once you’ve set these up, maybe it’s time for some soothing music and a cup of relaxing tea while you wait for it to start working- lol.


oh yes, you’re right. it is just my typo. I’m getting server not found errors at present, but I’ll be patient. So when I switch over my dns to DH the database host will then be at

it’s workin’ and I’m doin’ a little dance and listenin’ to a little propellerheads…

Yay!! When you switch your DNS, after it propagates, you can use either mysql url to access it. Or you can delete the subdomain one and just use your domain one (


Bob & Michelle, thanks for your help with this…