New account.. payment and details question

I was experimenting some stuff on and then felt an urge to get my own site hosted.
So i got linked to dreamhost from WP itself and here I am.
I started filling the form… opted for an year’s prepayment and registering a domain.
Then they asked for my "billing address"
The thing is I don’t want to be billed at my address, as a matter of fact I felt really uncomfortable posting my real address on the net.
I did not continue further.
I was wondering if It was possible to make payments via paypal?
or Do I have to give them a billing address?
and do they send an actual bill at the address?

Your billing address is just to verify your credit card, and not for publication or mailing. You can pay by PayPal, but then the 97 day money back guarantee doesn’t apply, as they don’t refund PayPal.

Your address doesn’t get posted, since for your domain registration, they offer the anonymous proxy registration


Yeah, I never got a physical bill at my mailing address, everything has been online.

Like Scott mentioned, Dreamhost offers anonymous domain registration. Normally if you do a WHOIS on any domain you can find out who it is registered to (including address, etc…) When you use the Dreamhost anonymous domain registration it will only show users the name & address for Dreamhost.

This tells me Dreamhost cares about my privacy :wink: But if you’re still worried about transferring sensitive data online just run a anti-virus / adware scan to make sure you don’t have any keyloggers or something on your own machine. Honestly, that would be the biggest risk that something gets intercepted because Dreamhost knows we would come down with torches & pitchforks if they were sharing our data :slight_smile:

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