New account activation

Hello, I have just bought a new account, but It’s asking me for fax activation which might be right for avoiding fraudulent activities.

The problem is I don’t have a fax machine, and I have to go out to some market and do this.
I’m the real card holder.
Is there any other way of activating the account?
Please reply.
Regards Imran Baig.

Try to scan it and send it by email.

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I took picture of my CC from my Nokia N73 cell phone just now can I send it and If yes to which email pls?

EDIT: I have sent it to
Thanks pls activate my account.

I dont have a printer. Is it ok if I write the similar thing on a piece of paper, fill it, take a picture with my mobile and send it ?


From what I read, scanned images don’t work.

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We are just a bunch of users like you. You’ll have to ask DH for what they will accept. I’ve thought that maybe the card and ID might be acceptable (in a picture at the same time) - but the more we think about it the easier it is to fake that.

Talk to DH staff and see what they’ll accept.


I dont think scanning the card or taking pictures with digital cameras and emailing is going to be accepted. dreamhost ask for a faxed card rubbing and I think that is the only thing that they will accept.

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