New 555 promo for me or not?

I just signed up for DH this morning, and was looking for all best promo code and entered 97 for 97$ discount, I was waitting for 7 hours for them to verified and activated my account, finnally they did it this late afternoon. When I received their confirm activation email, I went to web today which is same day and I saw they have update of promo code 555 which is 500gb and 5tb more. I emailed them ask for entering that promo code. But still not heard from them yet! what do you experts think? will they upgrade my account into 555 promo code if not then I will cancel my account and re-order. ??? I gather take 555 promo code of $50 off and get 500gb + 5tb instead of $97. promo code.

Good luck!

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See what they say, but I’m pretty sure you’re stuck with the one you use first.

If that’s what they say and you try canceling to bypass it, you might find that your domain has been blocked when you sign up with the other one–maybe your credit card as well.

Anyway, I definitely wouldn’t try changing anything until you hear an official answer from support.

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Yeah, I’d be very cautious about canceling and signing up again. There are any number of ways they can catch you in this and if they do, you’ll find yourself with a refund and no hosting.

BTW, I don’t think you can transfer a domain that’s been hosted under one account to another if one of those two accounts had used a promo code.

Finally, I wanted to make you feel better: If you originally signed up using a $97 promo code rather than an extra domains promo code, chances are you don’t need that benefit, right? And as for the 500GB of disk and 5TB of transfer, I really don’t know many people who even get close to using their 200GB and 2TB. Plus at 1GB of extra disk a week and 16GB of transfer, that’s 50GB of disk and 800GB of extra transfer every year. Anyway, I guess the question you should ask yourself is: Are you really going to use those extra features or are they just “nice to have”?

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I think you missed the boat.

As stated clearly, you cannot change promo code after you sign up an account.

DH does not actually “update” the promo code. They just come out with a new promo code 555 which is only avaiable for the first 500 customers.

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