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Hello. I wish to move my social networking site to DH. Can anybody, with social networking site, tell me about their experience? How many concurrent connections to mysql go well? How does the site load? And what about the video & audio streaming? It would be good if anybody can share the url so that I can have a look. Thank you very much in advance.


In case no one posts with expriences directly matching your own, it might be helpful for you to post both your current traffic and performance profile as well as your current host and how happy you are with your performance there.

For instance, DreamHost is no magic bullet, performance-wise. If you are at another decent shared host and can’t get good performance there, it is doubtful you’d get great performance here (though I suppose there could be specific circumstances that dictate otherwise).

There is some limited information on MySQL load in the following wiki article:,_PHP,and_Databases/MySQL/_Conueries

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You can find some existing DH customers here.

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Thank you so much Lensman for the reply. I am having problem with concurrent connections to mysql on my previous host. I will study the link you have posted. Thank you for the reply.


Thank you Patricktan.

How many concurrent connections was your application generating? Was it shared hosting?

Also, did you write this site yourself or is it a known application?

If you can narrow down exactly how many concurrent connections you need, you may be able to contact pre-sales support via the following contact form:

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