Network speed and server timing out?

Over the last couple days/weeks, my site is throwing a 500 Internal Server Error. Couple that with incredibly slow network response (I’m taking slow-modem type speed) and I’m not a very happy camper here.
Is anyone else seeing the same thing?

(my site is very basic, generic WP install, nothing fancy)


I am also getting the exact same problem. and are both down or very very slow.

It has been like this for close to 48 hours now with no resolution or contact from Dreamhost.

I am on server barker. This is getting ridiculous, looks like I need a new host.

I’m on server luthor.
It’s very, very aggravating.

I mean, I’m not really getting any web hits, but the fact that it’s down like this is crazy.

I am also dealing with a site on luthor.

The load on that server is tremendously high and has been that way for the majority of the past 3 days. At the moment the load is above 360. It hasn’t dropped below 150 since I’ve been watching it today, generally it has stayed above 250. (IMHO good load on a server should be in the range of 2 to 5, for reference. So we’re talking well in excess of 100x acceptable load.)

I encourage you to open a support ticket and complain. I’ve been doing so, but apparently to no avail, even though I have been assured multiple times that Dreamhost are taking the necessary steps to rectify this situation.

hi… i have the same problem here… slow speed and error 500 i check and clean all my sites but nothing happend… “something” is wrong here o_0

Same problem here too. Sites are slow and anything that accesses MySQL is giving a 500 error. No response from support about it, which hopefully means they know about our problem and are busy fixing it, and not just ignoring it.

My site is also facing the same problem and coincidently it is also on luthor. Its been down for the last four hours as I am typing this. :@
@lancecore I too hope the same…

I just got this as a response from my support ticket:
(FYI for the rest of us)

I’m very sorry for the problems you’re having with your services. It
looks like the server you’re on has gotten a bit overloaded since we
stopped setting up new customers on it. Unfortunately, there’s no way for
us to predict how many resources will be used when adding customers to a
machine, and it looks like the users on this server are just more
resource intensive than they are on other ones. Our admins are currently
working on reducing the load and this server is currently having 300
accounts offloaded from it to another server to help improve the
stability. Unfortunately, this won’t be an immediate fix (we’re expecting
the moves to finish within 24 hours), but it should improve the stability
of your server in the long run. Once this move is done, our admin team
will re-evaluate the server to determine if there’s more we need to do.
Rest assured, this server is at the top of our priority list to get
running smoothly. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this causes
you. Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this.

Dan W

As a side note, the server apparently has 4 CPU’s and 16GB of memory, so, the load (currently at ~200) should never be over 8-16 really.

I got the same (apparently form letter) response. Do I have any further questions? Yeah, how about removing the fscking processes that are pushing the load up to 200 and beyond?

I’m having a similar problem with my accounts on bonanno. Anyone else?

All my sites are currently down (traceroute stops dead once it hits dreamhost IP numbers) and I’m on cohen.