Network solutions spamming me to renew...?

Network Solutions has been spamming me to renew my domain (; it is true that it is getting to be time to renew both my hosting plan and the domain, but I believed it was now registered through Dreamhost as part of my hosting plan (“crazy domain insane”)? The fine print says, “At the time this notice was created, you were a Network Solutions customer, and the services had not been renewed. If you have already renewed, or are no longer a Network Solutions customer, please disregard this notice and accept our apologies for any inconvenience.” Should I ignore Network Solutions or do I actually have to separately renew my domain through them, or else do I still need to switch my registration to Dreamhost? Again, I was really under the impression that Dreamhost was my registrar. I HATE Network Solutions.

Also, over a year ago (at a time when my domain WAS definitely registered through Network Solutions) I believed I was updating my Whois listing through them with my current contact information, which obviously they have since they are contacting me with it. But I ran a Whois just now and it is still my loooooong out of contact info, and the technical contact is still listed as one of my past web hosts. How do I update my Whois for real?? The only thing correct on there is my name and the DNS servers. If you are my registrar, is there a way for you to update it for me?

There are several companies that try to have people renew domain names even though they are part of another Domain Name registar. I originally bought a domain name in 2001 for a nwo defunct web site and within weeks of buying the domain, I got a letter in the mail from Domain Registar of America or something like that, telling me I should renew…

In fact, just after I renewed my current domain name and transfered registration to Dreamhost, I had them snail-mail me again telling me it was time to renew and showing me my old expiration date on the domain name.

I would ignore network solutions if everything has been transfered to dreamhost… but transfering the domain name form your previous host to Dreamhost is not transfering the domain name from one registar to another.

I just checked your domain name on and it looks like you are still with your old registar. You need to transfer it over. I can’t give the step-by.step process of what to do off the top of my head, I hope someone else on here can do that for you.


I’d really like a reply from someone at Dreamhost, since I’m not sure these posts really answer my question. I’m already a Dreamhost customer, and my hosting plan is supposed to INCLUDE domain registration. I thought they were transferring my domain to their registration at the time I originally signed up (over a year ago), and I still don’t even know if that happened or not. Doesn’t anyone from Dreamhost read this forum? I thought I could get help here, if I don’t hear back I will try to call tomorrow.


Ah… we don’t automatically put a domain registration transfer in when people sign up for us, since a lot of people don’t want to transfer their domain registration to us, even though it’s free!

I put in a transfer for your domain now… you should get a number of emails with further instructions… once it’s all transferred you should write support and we’ll add it to your account. The transfer also renews it for one year (all free with your hosting plan).


Thank you Josh, I feel better and appreciate your help to set things straight. Definitely I do want it transferred to Dreamhost! I will keep my eyes peeled for further instructions.