Network Solution's confusing (tricky?) transfer authorization


I’m new to DH and have asked (via DH’s panel) to have Network Solutions (hereafter NS) transfer my .com domain to DH after nearly 10 years with them. I am aware of Network Solutions’ record of being difficulty to work with when it comes to leaving them.

But didn’t think it would be this tricky.

In short, NS sent me email asking me to “accept or reject” DH’s transfer request. So far so good. So I clicked on NS’ link and was served this:


Title says “Change Registrar to Network Solutions – Authorization”. This surprised me as it seems to want me to approve or reject “changing” my registrar to NS when I was already using their service. Accepting it would be the equivalent of renewing it! Which would be the opposite of what I want.

Any advice?

NS gives me a deadline of Feb. 16th… Thanks.

it clearly says if you want to proceed with the transfer to dh confirm it. i suggest you do so

Glad you think it’s clear because I agree with the OP… it’s confusing. Look at the Title.

Title is indeed wrong, but the rest makes it clear it’s a transfer away from NS to DH. No trick just an editing mistake.

Note that it also says

“If we do not hear from you by Saturday, February 16, 2013 … the transfer will proceed.”

probably another editing mistake

No I don’t think so. Normally if you have provided the authorization code to the gaining registrar and confirmed the domain’s listed e-mail to the gaining registrar, the losing registrar gives you a few days time to cancel it, if you don’t cancel it gets transferred. You can probably avoid waiting by confirming it through this form.

The mistake though is their saying that you “must respond by confirming below”, as you MUST only respond if you want the transfer to be cancelled.

It’s not a mistake (the ‘transfer will proceed’ part), and yes, it’s hella confusing. NetSol’s directions used to be way worse (faxing in records was a pill). Basically if you’re requesting the transfer from NetSol, you’ve already authorized and you’re now confiring that yes, you want to do it now, and not in x days.

Bonus? It’ll still take x days to transfer :confused:

Yea I got the same thing when I moved my last domain away from them this month.
Also had to double read it & triple Read it :smiley:

Thank you all for your really helpful responses :slight_smile:

I will either accept it or let it time out in 2 days. Will post again if anything goes wrong.