Network Redux


Anyone ever used Network Redux? They seem to offer a comparable package to DH.


You will find answers on their forum :

This is a dreamhost forum :wink:

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If this is a serious question (and not just spam for the company concerned), you will have a better chance of getting opinions on one of the many general hosting forums out there. This forum is populated largely by DreamHost customers.

While I have never used this company for hosting, I had a quick look at their packages and I have to say that I don’t think they are comparable to DreamHost at all. Their $9.95/month plan, for example, offers only 1/2 of the storage space and 1/10 of the traffic allocation that the DreamHost $7.95/month plan offers.


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It was a serious question. And as the forum is titled “Curious About Dreamhost?”, I thought it was appropriate to ask about other hosting companies.

As for comparable, I suppose it depends on which end of the scale you are on. I use like a zillionth of the offered bandwidth and disk space, so NR’s 5.95 plan seems like a good deal to me. Granted it’s only $25/year difference, but I do like to look around from time to time to see what else is out there.


Fair enough, I didn’t mean any offense, it is just that there has been a fair bit of automated spam in the forums lately and it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between spam and legitimate posts.

True enough. I doubt too many DreamHost customers use all the resources available to them, but personally, I like the fact that the limits are high enough that I can almost forget about them.

I think this is a very good idea, with the hosting industry changing as quickly as it does.


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