Network Error (tcp_error)!



I have a video sharing site and
This problem is driving me crazy
check out the php.ini settings

max_execution_time 900 900
max_input_time 900 900
post_max_size 100M 100M
upload_max_filesize 100M 100M

after uploading a video the"Network Error (tcp_error)" message shows up and there is no video !!

please help me my whole site and business depends on uploading videos and I have no money left for changing hosts I already changed over 5 hosts !!

the problem is this host was working good till 8 MB video to upload, but now nothing is working at all, even 330 KB video !!

please please help me

check out my rank in alexa:

it is going backwards cause of this problem, it was 70,000 now it is 110,000 !!!


“I already changed over 5 hosts !!”

Why so many hosts?!