Network Error (tcp_error) ? PLEASE HELP

I always get this error:
Network Error (tcp_error)
after uploading arround 10 MB videos or more on my video sharing site, why is that ?
my phpinfo file is set to 190 MB
and my site settings is set to 100 MB !!
is it firewall issue ? or something else ?
please help me it is very important

Please don’t crosspost.

A simple search here would have told you WAY more than all the responses you’re going to get here. I’m sure a couple guys have well explained information they will post as an answer.

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There is not nearly enough information in your post for use to be able to reliably guess what the problem might be.

  1. What application are you running (is it a readily available script, something you wrote yourself, etc.)?

  2. How exactly have you customized your PHP environment (“my phpinfo file is set to 190 MB … and my site settings is set to 100 MB !!”) means nothing. Are you talkling about your php.ini file, and if so, what setting have you changed? It might help if you post a link to a functioning phpoinfo() program, or posted the output.

  3. Did you customize your environment by compiling your own PHP or did you just use a customized copy of DH’s php.cgi with your own php.ini via a handler?

  4. What is the entrire error message? “Network Error (tcp_error)” is only the first part; the remainder of the message generally provides additional information.