Network address problem?

Hey ho all -

As I’m sure I have made a Stupid Mistake somewhere, I’ll try posting here on the Beginniner’s Forum and beg for mercy in advance. I signed up last Thursday, registering a new domain.

Although I can get to the FTP site here at dreamhost, the domain itself doesn’t seem to be working. At first I resignedly assumed it was a comcast thing (don’t give me a hard time, it’s that or dialup), but email sent from hotmail, gmail and yahoo bounces as well. Thursday to Tuesday seems like long enough that the domain name should have propagated along by now.

The new domain is:

So… help?

Well, checking “first things first”, a DNS report is a good place to start.

Taking a look at this makes me wonder if, even though you have registered the domain, if you ever actually “added” the domain to your hosting plan at DreamHost.

Two way to check this are:

1.) When you get to the “FTP site here at DreamHost”, yhou are likely using the server name. Do you see a directory in the FTP area you log into that is named “”? (I’m guessing you are not)

  1. When you log into the DreamHost control panel and visit the COntrol Panel -> Domains -> Manage Domains screen , is “” listed there as “fully hosted”?

If not, the you need to “add a domain or subdomain” using that screen to add hosting service for the domain you have already registered. Hosting and registration are two different things.

If the answer to question 2 is "yes’, click the “edit” link under “hosting” for that domain name and confirem the “directory” that is to be used fore the domain. That directory should be present in question #1 above (by default, DH uses your domain name). :wink:

Finally, if the domain name is listed as fully hosted, and you do see the appropriate directory for it (as indicated in the panel screen) in the “ftp area”, then it is time to drop DreamHost support a note via the Control Panel -> Support page(s).


I used dnstools and it seemed to think everything was at it should be, listing the domain, Dreamhost and the correct name servers.

The answers to your #1 and #2 are both “yes” - it was listed as fully hosted, yet when I clicked “Visit”, it told me there was “weirdness”

I went back into DNS, and where it listed the three name servers, I clicked on “set these nameservers.” Now I’ll wait and see what happens, but I’m thinking it’s Customer Support for me.

Thanks for the help!

Ah! “Weirdness” is not encouraging - and it may be time for a support visit. Good Luck!