I am trying to install a Gallery Script on my website. It is primarily PHP.
I haven’t tinkered much with this so I am learning as I go.

It requires something called NetPBM. It says it found some of what I needed, but gave me a warning, and now
is asking me for the path.

The path to the directory containing NetPBM on your system. If you downloaded NetPBM from the Gallery download page, don’t forget to make the files executable. Eg. /usr/local/netpbm or /usr/local/bin or c:\apps\netpbm.

Does Dreamhost have NetPBM installed, it must cause it found “some” of the files. It did say some were not executible.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks

What’s this script’s name? Where can it be found?

It is called Gallery
and is located at

Actually I put the files in a directory on my site, and then pointed the script at those files, and it worked.

However I now have other problems.

Since I am extremely new to PHP, and I know that recently Dreamhost changed somethings dealing with PHP, I am wondering if the errors I am getting are from the changes, or if I have done something wrong. It is frustrating because I have a place to go for FAQ and for threads of discussion, but it takes hours and hours of reading to find out answers to small issues.

I have to get the script to recreate the errors before I can post them, so I have to go back through the set up to have it do it. If you try to install the script by some chance, let me know what you find. I am getting errors about not being able to write to files and access denied sort of stuff.

Thanks Nancy

Hi Nancy

I can take a look at it when I’m back in the office tomorrow morning for you. I don’t fancy playing around with it on my 28k back home .

In the mean time, it would be a good idea to alert Dreamhost support (use your web panel to send a message) just incase it is something to do with the PHP changes.

I’ll take a look anyway and see what I come up with.



Did you ever get Gallery working here? I’ve got it working everywhere except for at Dreamhost!

I’m running into a problem installing PHP as a CGI.

Thanks for any help.


No I never did. I really don’t know enough about PHP to dive into it, but I have had a fella design a shopping cart in php for me and I have to use it on other servers. I can’t use it here. I have a php forum that I installed that works… sort of… it acts sort of squirrely at times.

No I had to set up an account elsewhere so I could use php scripts that I wanted to run. Turning those scripts into cgi just doesnt’ work.

Well, I’m working on it, so I’ll let you know if I get it going.

What BB are you using? phpBB? That one is great in version 2.0 and I highly recommend it. Make sure to use the latest release.


The one Installed was called Zorum. It looked ok… and the installation was just like installing a program on your computer… you press a button and it is done. However, it is bulky, and difficult to manuever, and visitors have trouble understanding how to use it.

You have to really have something very basic and simple or they sit there scratching their heads. silly.

I am going to try phpbb.

I assume you are talking about NetPBM, the tools to handle graphics and convert between formats.
The binaries are in /usr/bin and all start with pbm* .
If there are some missing or not, I don’t know.
From dreamhost’s KB: (I assume they meant netPBM :slight_smile: )

Do you have netPMB installed?
We sure do!
This is set up on all of our servers. This is in the usual place as all of our binaries: /usr/bin, so your scripts shouldn’t have any trouble executing this.

Regards, Silvio

OK. This is a bit confusing so I would appreciate if someone can help. I had already installed Gallery and got almost everything working before I found this post. Everything works except the upload.

I added the AddType php-cgi .php line to my .htaccess file but there are over 50 scripts in the program. I first tried running the scripts as is but I get the error below when I run the upload script.

Do I then have to rename all the scripts .pcgi?
Do I have to go into the database and change all the referenced links so each script knows the extension is now .pcgi instead of .php? Is it important to put the AddType php-cgi .php line at the beginning of the .htaccess file? Middle? Bottom? Do I have to add this line “As-is”? Are there any parameters I need to know?

Here is the error I am currently receiving with the php-cgi .php line:

Processing status…

  • Adding COOLGUY.gif
    Warning: Unable to create ‘/home/’: Permission denied in /home/ on line 24

Warning: getimagesize: Unable to open ‘/home/’ for reading. in /home/ on line 473

Please advise. Thanks!