Net2ftp query


I see the webftp utility is back, but in a limited fashion - files to upload must now be selected one at a time. Did I miss something, or is this limited upload feature the new norm? If so, that really sucks for folks like me who usually upload hundreds of files at a time.

thanks, Mike


I haven’t tried the new WebFTP, but if you upload hundreds of files at a time you will be much happier with a more full fledged ftp client. Many other users here like filezilla, my personal favorite is WinSCP. Personally I would only use something like the old WebFTP for a quick fix, not something to depend on for uploading entire directory structures.




Also be sure to use the SFTP option for security.
FileZilla has it, and I am sure many other programs also.
You can change the FTP/SFTP settings in the Panel>Users>Manage Users>Edit

Highly recommended for not getting hacked.


Net2FTP is quite stale now (no update in 4 years) but there’s still huge demand for web-based FTP. Have a look at Monsta FTP ( which is a free responsive FTP client for your browser (disclaimer: I’m involved with this project)