Net2ftp FTP unable to access Sub-directory

A year ago DreamHost was recommending net2ftp FTP, and I have enjoyed using it for online text editing ever since. Now it is denying access to my main sub-directory, Gordon’s Travels. I have eight sub-sub-directories under it (all slide shows from JAlbum). I would like to online edit the Keywords text for each.

I can look at the source for each using CuteFTP, but cannot use it to edit. Further, JAlbum affords no access to source. Does anyone have a suggestion as to why I cannot access Gordon’s Travels with net2ftp? I have tried net2ftp Forum with no response.

My domain is

One further question: When I have completed all my keyword changes, will I have to redo all my sitemaps?


I guess it is just a quirk that net2ftp cannot access my sub-directory. I downloaded Yummy FTP demo and was able to view all the subject sources and edit them online. In the future I will just have to use Yummy. Its interface is not as pretty as net2ftp’s, but the transfers are faster. And, so far it has not shown any quirks.