Net neutrality may affect my server

I use Dreamhost, and have done for many years. My organisation is in Canada, as am I. I have been concerned about certain aspects of US privacy laws, and now the potential effects of the net neutrality ruling, and am seriously considering pulling my site back into Canada.
Does Dreamhost have any plans to have a hosting service in Canada?

I understand your concern, it was an upsetting decision for all of us: we’ve been on the forefront of this battle. It’s hard to predict the ultimate effects of this decision… since everything is very much up in the air.

To answer your question, it’s not excluded for DreamHost to expand its services abroad during 2018, but I can’t be any more specific at this point.

Before deciding to move your servers I would suggest you to evaluate where your readers/customers are, and also keep an eye on the visible effects of this new policy by the FCC (which are yet to be determined.)

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