.NET Core Hosting

Is it possible to host a .NET Core website on Dreamhost?

I believe that the only way to do that would be to install .NET Core on a Ubuntu virtual machine on DreamCompute.

I was asking over a decade ago for support for Mono. The world has come a long way but DH still seems to have a hatred for anything associated with Microsoft. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s hate but it’s more about the costs of supporting a totally new environment. DreamHost was born and has hired, trained consistently people with Linux/Unix, Apache, PHP, Perl etc background. Adding a totally foreigner technology at the time would have been a bold move. Nowadays, with .NET available on Linux maybe it’s a little less of a bold move but still a pretty bold one.

One way to change people’s mind is to show there is a market for something. I bet if all of a sudden there were dozens of tutorials published on how to run .NET applications on DreamCompute, someone may look into the costs/advantages of adding .NET to VPS :slight_smile:

I see it as being chicken and egg - a provider like DH stepping up to support technology would be a huge marketing event, and would draw a lot of people who are looking for this one feature without the scale/expense of a DIY VPS. I think DH Marketing has always been shortsighted about you guys being industry leaders compared to always playing it safe and being just another brand in the crowd. In the old forum I was begging you guys to step up to provide high quality email services for exactly the same reasons - ideally to draw hoards of sites away from competitors who provide notoriously poor email services.

Whatever the next wave is … stop missing it. :slight_smile:

It’s a technical choice also, and a big one. We have other lots of other advanced technology, like DreamCompute and DreamObjects: sorry if those don’t fit your use cases.

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