Needs Help for quicktime streaming!

I am trying to set up streaming video for my website. I have code for quicktime:

It does not even show the player and on internet explorer it says it cannot download the plugin. Can someone please help me! I am new so I dont understand some of the jargon of html code.

Thx in advanced

The first problem I see is that your rtsp stream repeats the domain twice. The file also doesn’t exist in the root directory of your domain, so you need a proper path for that.

Other than that, I’m not getting a plugin error with Safari on the Mac. Fix those two path issues and see what that gets you.

I just tried the rtsp stream with the proper path and it’s acting like a Live Broadcast. I’m not very proficient with streaming servers, which is why I just gave up and hosted my movies as a standard file served via Apache, rather than encoding it for streaming.

(1) The rtsp domain is always repeated like that. I don’t know why, but it is one of the first things I learned when I started Quicktime streaming with Dreamhost.
(2) Do not try to embed using a URL that starts with rtsp:// … You need to create a reference movie which refers to the movie that you uploaded to the Darwin (i.e. Quicktime) Streaming Server. Check the Quicktime tutorials on the Apple Computer web site. I use, because I often have alternate movies for different data rates, but there are other ways you can do it, e.g. open the rtsp URL in Quicktime Player and save as a reference movie. Upload the reference movie on your regular web site, and use that URL in your embed code/
(3) Internet Explorer doesn’t like embedded Quicktime streaming movies. Java script is used to call a page with the movie --I don’t understand this at all, which is why I use the Quicktimeembed plugin for Wordpress. It handles all the java script needed for Internet Explorer and will prompt the user if the Quicktime plug-in is needed.