Needing help on setting up


Hello to everyone at Dreamhost.

I have a small problem. I am fairly new to setting my domain up and getting a site running.

I would like to know how to get a forum/ or main page up and running.

Info that may help;

My site is

I have my domain registered at

And my host is Dreamhost.

I have added, and to my nameservers at

Am I missing something or need to do something else to get things started and my website to be built and at least a page showing when you visit my site.

I also did try and add the phpbb to my site in the “One-Click installs” but nothing, just saying im parked by

Many thanks for any help.


Your WHOIS record is still listing two GoDaddy nameservers. These will need to be removed so that only the three DreamHost nameservers are listed. You will then need to wait anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of days for the DNS to resolve to the new location.

Once that is done, you can use FTP (although SFTP is preferable) to upload your site. In the meantime, you can start uploading to the space your site will occupy by connecting directly to the web server (instead of your domain name) using the same username and password.

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It appears to be resolving now.

Good luck with your new site!

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Many thanks for the help!

Now to try and get things going :slight_smile:

With DreamHost, im insure on how to get a main page on my site, seems when I have tried it have emailed me with an error and said it cant complete the installlation…But I will try again today and start over.

I will report back if I need any more help and post here if that is ok.

Many thanks once again.


You may have snozzled things up, trying to install stuff repeatedly.

Try deleting the installation.

Then either use your FTP program or your SSH client and change the name of your domain’s directory to something else, and create a new directory with the old name. That way, you’ll be sure there’s nothing in that directory.

And then perform a new installation.

I can’t guarantee that’ll work for you, but as they say, a kind word and a billyclub will warm the heart of any scoundrel. (When I first hosted here, around the turn of the century, I was on “Jezebel”. It seemed a very appropriate name. Servers are treacherous females. Now, I’m on “bonk” - and you can guess what I’d frequently like to do to the server…)