Need windows hosting info so I can show

arguments for DreamHost.

A group I belong to is building a site that will run a SQL database. Well, we have three MS employees and they’re making things difficult. The group is an ideal candidate for linux/mysql but the MS employees want this site hosted on MS servers using MS SQL - even though two of them admit they don’t know anything about the subject.

I’m suggesting mySQL & apache (specifically DreamHost) but they want price comparisons with windows hosts. A friend of ours has a hosting company but wants $100/mo to do on Windows with MSSQL what we can do for $10/mo on dreamhost.

thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s see, Linux servers over Windows… hmm… the hosting is cheaper because the software doesn’t cost oodles of money, the servers generally run better, less security flaws, less viruses, more open source, it seems like most of the software made for the web (forums, guestbooks, and the sort) are generally designed for *nix servers if they are going to be OS specific. That is just my spin on it.

thanks guys.

I’d just let them do it on Windows.

Then you’ll look like a hero when it totally sucks and you make it work better AND save the company money at the same time.