Hello i am new to this and im so confused… Im trying to run a RUNESCAPE PRIVATE SERVER on a vps… but i dont know how can someone please help me!

Your request is too general. If you are looking for help on a specific issue, then you should ask for that. But running a Runescape server…that’s too much information to provide in a single forum thread. Google is your friend here.

As a matter of etiquette, posting in all caps is considered shouting, and is therefore discouraged. Also, your thread title does nothing to encourage others to take a look…after all, this is a support forum, so everyone is looking for help. And everyone considers their need to be urgent, so that doesn’t help you get the help you want.

A general good formula for a forum thread title is “item — behavior you’re seeing”. So a potential thread title might be “Runescape not connecting to database”…something along those lines. That way, people glancing through the forum will know whether or not they are qualified to give you a hand and take a look at your thread.

Also probably worth noting that Jagex considers Runescape private servers to be a violation of their intellectual property rights, and regularly issues DMCA takedowns to servers they find. So don’t do that, please.

If you want to run a game server on a DreamHost VPS, that’s great, but, please choose one that’s legal for you to operate.