Need urgent assistance!

#1044 - Access denied for user

Is the error messages I recieve when tying to import a sql file. Have
you any ideas on how I can resolve this problem?

I really need help ASAP as my forums have been down for nearly a week.


Guessing you are using command line/SSH.

Refer to this article for some MySQL help.

But you should connect using
mysql -u yourdblogin -p -h yourdb < /PATH/TO/SQL_FILE.sql

That should import from your sql file. Have a backup of the SQL file. I’m never certain if it’s < or >, if it’s the one wrong, it’ll overwrite you sql file which isn’t a problem if you have a backup :). Sure it’s < though.

My sites using databases on Felix are down which means it might be a server issues if you’re on Felix. My user won’t authenticate on a db I’ve had for a year.

I sent a support request.

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