Need to uninstall Miva

Can somebody please help. I want to use the other one-click installs and need to uninstall miva so i can use them. How do I go about this? any help would be much appreciated.

Good luck getting a answer…I email dream host three times asking the very same thing no answer… I even posted a thread about it …Still no answer… If you get a answer please post it here.


yeah I’m having the problem of them not getting back at me too. Lets just be persistant and we will eventually get the answers we need!

Did you ever get a answer from Dreamhost how to turn off mivamerchant? 4 emails later still no answer.

I can’t believe this…I have sent many e-mails and not once has Dreamhost answered how to shut off miva merchant. I think this has got to be the most odd thing ever with dreamhost. Why would they not answer any of us about this issue?

Just to double check, have you submitted the support requests through the panel? Are they still listed as open? If they’re not open, did you check the support history to see if they replied and you just didn’t recieve the E-mail?

If the above all checks out, I’d put in an emergency/ site outage and ask them to answer or at least let you know they’re working on your request.


Yes I did all that and no one has ever answered me. Or for that matter a few others who have had the same question. So I gave up. After 5 emails right on the panel to them, there is nothing else I can do at this point. :frowning: I checked the history also no answer.

Thanks for trying to help…Maybe dreamhost does not know how to turn off miva merchant LOL or restore the domain so I can do one click installs? I need to use the one click install on a domain that’s why I keep asking…So a huge project is on hold because I have no idea how to dump miva.

can you use this article that talks about turning on miva, to turn it off? not sure, my account doesn’t come with miva.

You might also try E-mailing and explain that your support messages arn’t being answered. He’s sometimes (often?) able to help get things set right.


You might also try sending a PM to the user dltq. He hasn’t posted in 4 months, but the last post he made said he figured out how to un-install miva. It’s possible he has notificatiosn for PMs turned on and would get your message. Not sure if that would be helpful or not.


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: You been a great help lol more then I can say for dreamhost this month…Naughty dreamhost!

I ran into the same problem. Luckily, I had installed miva on a subdomain (, and was able to just delete the subdomain from the web panel, which then allowed me to use the one-click installs. Did anyone come up with another way to do this?